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Many of our researchers run their own Twitter accounts, blogs and You Tube channels, here are just some of them.   


Behavioural Ecology group -

Conservation Evidence  

Fly Connectome

Professor Chris Jiggins

Professor Rebecca Kilner -

Museum of Zoology

Jack Thorley - 

Dr Markus Zöttl - 


Dr Kiyoko Gotanda -
Fieldwork in the Galapagos Islands.

Insect Ecology Group
Ecology of insects in their natural habitats – their biodiversity, behaviour and function in ecosystems.

You Tube

Dr Simon Martin, a Research Fellow in the Butterfly Genetics Group, has created a playlist of fascinating videos by many members of the Department.

Eureka Moments

A series of videos celebrating the 150 years of the Department of Zoology


Both the Department and the Museum also have Facebook pages.

Department of Zoology Facebook

Museum of Zoology Facebook

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