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New printed and electronic books in the Balfour Library


All new printed and electronic books are listed monthly.

Printed books are on the open shelves unless stated otherwise. There is also a display of new books on top of the card catalogue. New books can be borrowed in accordance with the Library's loan periods. All of our books are catalogued on iDiscover, the online catalogue for the libraries of the University.

Electronic books are available to all current staff and students of the University from any location, 24/7. They can be accessed via iDiscover or through ebooks@cambridge where you can find information about using them on mobile devices.

You can recommend a new book by completing the online recommendation form.


New books April 2017

Printed books

Fraser, Caroline (2009) Rewilding the world: dispatches from the conservation revolution. Classmark: GGW (241)

Horch, Hadley Wilson (2017) The cricket as a model organism: development, regeneration and behavior. Classmark: QF (19)

Krause, Jens (2015) Animal social networks. Classmark: GFU (352)

Ward, Ashley (2016) Sociality: the behaviour of group-living animals. Classmark: GFU (351)


New books February 2017

Printed books

Ashwell, Ken (2013) Neurobiology of monotremes: brain evolution in our distant mammalian cousins. Classmark: q YBE (1) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Benton, Michael J. (2015) When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time. 2nd edition. Classmark: GJ (49b)

Blackburn, Elizabeth (2017) The telomere effect: a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer. Classmark: ECL (18) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Carey, Nessa (2011) The epigenetics revolution: how modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease and inheritance. Classmark: ENY (50)

Clack, Jennifer A. (2016) Evolution of the vertebrate ear: evidence from the fossil record. Classmark: UU.4 (26)

Eisenberg, Cristina (2014) The carnivore way: coexisting with and conserving North America's predators. Classmark: YZ.7 (22)

Gherardi, Francesca (2007) Biological invaders in inland waters: profiles, distribution and threats. Classmark: GHM (116)

Keller, Reuben P. (2009) Bioeconomics of invasive species: integrating ecology, economics, policy and management. Classmark: GGW (240)

Klieve, Athol (2015) Marsupials and monotremes: nature's enigmatic mammals. Classmark: YD (11) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Speight, Martin R. (2010) Marine ecology: concepts and applications. Classmark: GHN (180) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Van der Velde, Gerard (2010) The zebra mussel in Europe. Classmark: q SM (3)


New books January 2017

Printed books

Clack, Jennifer A. (2015) Basal tetrapoda. Classmark: W.12 (5) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Croft, Darin A. (2016) Horned armadillos and rafting monkeys: the fascinating fossil mammals of South America. Classmark: YZ.8 (2)

Dawkins, Richard (2016) The ancestor's tale: a pilgrimage to the dawn of life. 2nd edition. Classmark: EP (96b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Kemp, T.S. (2016) The origin of higher taxa: palaeobiological, developmental, and ecological perspectives. Classmark: GJ (48) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Luckett, W. Patrick (1985) Evolutionary relationships among rodents: a multidisciplinary analysis. Classmark: YR (9)

Luo, Liqun (2016) Principles of neurobiology. Classmark: q GF (17) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Monbiot, George (2014) Feral: rewilding the land, sea and human life. Classmark: GGW (239)

Polilov, Alexey A. (2016) At the size limit: effects of miniaturization in insects. Classmark: Q.4 (21)

Sanderson, James G. (2015) Patterns in nature: the analysis of species co-occurrences. Classmark: GG (280)

Smith, Andrew M. (2016) Biological adhesives. 2nd edition. Classmark: GD (73b)

Stanley, Steven M. (2015) Earth system history. 4th edition. Classmark: q GJG (2d) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)


New books October 2016

Printed books

Archibald, John (2014) One plus one equals one: symbiosis and the evolution of complex life. Classmark: EO (353)

Buss, David (2015) Evolutionary psychology: the new science of the mind. 5th edition. Classmark: EO (282e) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Emoto, Kazuo (2016) Dendrites: development and disease. Classmark: GF (237)

Frith, Clifford B. (2016) Charles Darwin's life with birds: his complete ornithology. Classmark: D.4 DAR Fri

Gilbert, Scott F. (2016) Developmental biology. 11th edition. Classmark: EEB (64k) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Hill, Richard (2016) Animal physiology. 4th edition. Classmark: q GD (8d) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Judd, Walter S. (2016) Plant systematics: a phylogenetic approach. 4th edition. Classmark: q FA (7d) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Klein, Richard G. (2009) The human career: human biological and cultural origins. 3rd edition. Classmark: YYV (19c) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Lewin, Roger (2004) Principles of human evolution. 2nd edition. Classmark: YYV (20b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Lodish, Harvey (2016) Molecular cell biology. 8th edition. Classmark: q EC (25h) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Sillar, Keith T. (2016) Neuroethology of predation and escape. Classmark: GFU (350) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Striedter, Georg F. (2016) Neurobiology: a functional approach. Classmark: q GF (16)

Wilkinson, Matt (2016) Restless creatures: the story of life in ten movements. Classmark: GES (29) (3 copies)


New books July 2016

Printed books

Berger-Tal, Oded (2016) Conservation behaviour: applying behavioural ecology to wildlife conservation management. Classmark: GGW (238)

Clutton-Brock, Tim (2016) Mammal societies. Classmark: Y.7 (10)

Dipper, Frances (2016) The marine world: a natural history of ocean life. Classmark: GHN (179)

McElreath, Richard (2016) Statistical rethinking: a Bayesian course with examples in R and Stan. Classmark: EBB (110)

Pollack, Gerald S. (2016) Insect hearing. Classmark: Q.5 (98)

Rovero, Francesco (2016) Camera trapping for wildlife research. Classmark: EBH (32)


New books June 2016

Printed books

Blackburn, Tim M. (2009) Avian invasions: the ecology and evolution of exotic birds. Classmark: K.8 (73)

d'Alisa, Giacomo (2015) Degrowth: a vocabulary for a new era. Classmark: GGW (237)

Dixson, Alan F. (2015) The mandrill: a case of extreme sexual selection. Classmark: YXT (5)

Lach, Lori (2010) Ant ecology. Classmark: QJD (26)

Redpath, Stephen M. (2015) Conflicts in conservation: navigating towards solutions. Classsmark: GGW (236)

Electronic books

Begon, M. (2006) Ecology: from individuals to ecosystems. 4th edition.

Burt, A. (2006) Genes in conflict: the biology of selfish genetic elements.

Rockwood, L.L. (2015) An introduction to population ecology. 2nd edition.

Schmid-Hempel, P. (2011) Evolutionary parasitology: the integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics.


New books May 2016

Printed books

Almojil, Dareen K. (2015) Sharks and rays of the Arabian/Persian Gulf. Classmark: VE (4)

Anderson, Ted R. (2013) The life of David Lack: father of evolutionary ecology. Classmark: D.4 LAC And

Arlott, Norman (2015) Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Classmark: KZ.54 (24)

Arlott, Norman (2010) Birds of the West Indies. Classmark: KZ.72 (18)

Beebee, Trevor (2013) Amphibians and reptiles. Classmark: W (28)

Benton, Ted (2013) Alfred Russel Wallace: explorer, evolutionist, public intellectual: a thinker for our own times? Classmark: D.4 WAL Ben

Berthinussen, Anna (2014) Bat conservation: global evidence for the effects of interventions. Classmark: YV (16)

Bicudo, J. Eduardo P.W. (2010) Ecological and environmental physiology of birds. Classmark: K.5 (32)

Bradley, Timothy J. (2009) Animal osmoregulation. Classmark: GDF (31)

Brusca, Richard C. (2003) Invertebrates. 2nd edition. Classmark: q L (4b)

Brusca, Richard C. (2016) Invertebrates. 3rd edition. Classmark: q L (4c)

Campbell, Iain (2014) Birds of Australia: a photographic guide. Classmark: KZ.9 (33)

Churchill, Frederick B. (2015) August Weismann: development, heredity, and evolution. Classmark: D.4 WEI Chu

Cocker, Mark (2013) Birds and people. Classmark: q K (71)

Crawley, Michael J. (2014) Statistics: an introduction using R. 2nd edition. Classmark: EBB (80b) (2 copies)

Crothers, John (2012) Snails on rocky shores. Classmark: SE (19)

Currell, Graham (2015) Scientific data analysis. Classmark: EBB (107)

Deeming, D. Charles (2015) Nests, eggs and incubation: new ideas about avian reproduction. Classmark: K.9 (26)

del Hoyo, Josep (2014) Illustrated checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 1: Non-passerines. Classmark: q K (66)

Dickinson, Edward C. (2014) Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 2: Passerines. Classmark: q K (69d)

Dicks, Lynn V. (2010) Bee conservation: evidence for the effects of interventions. Classmark: QJG (41)

Donald, Paul F. (2013) Facing extinction: the world's rarest birds and the race to save them. Classmark: K.8 (72b)

Dunn, Jon (2012) Britain's sea mammals: whales, dolphins, porpoises, and seals, and where to find them. Classmark: YZ.41 (13)

Everard, Mark (2013) Britain's freshwater fishes. Classmark: VZ.41 (17)

Falk, Steven J. (2015) Field guide to the bees of Great Britain and Ireland. Classmark: QJG (42)

Fisher, Brendan (2015) A field guide to economics for conservationists. Classmark: GGW (232)

Gardener, Mark (2011) Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel: data collection, exploration, analysis and presentation. Classmark: EBB (105)

Hayward, Peter J. (2015) Animals of sandy shores. Classmark: GHO (59)

Hector, Andy (2015) The new statistics with R: an introduction for biologists. Classmark: EBB (106)

Herbert, Dai (2004) Field guide to the land snails and slugs of Eastern South Africa. Classmark: SE (21)

Huber, Markus (2010-2015) Compendium of bivalves. Volumes 1-2. Classmark: q SA (2)

Inns, Howard (2009) Britain's reptiles and amphibians: a guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Classmark: WZ.4 (3)

Kingdon, Jonathan (2015) Field guide to African mammals. 2nd edition. Classmark: YZ.6 (19b)

Koenig, Walter D. (2016) Cooperative breeding in vertebrates: studies, of ecology, evolution, and behaviour. Classmark: UU.7 (7)

Macdonald, David W. (2015) Wildlife conservation on farmland. Volumes 1-2. Classmark: GGZ (38)

May, Peter (2014) A handbook for lepidopterists. Classmark: QN (36)

Minelli, Aleesandro (2014) Towards a theory of development. Classmark: EEB (77)

Mitra, S.C. (2005) Indian land snails: selected species: pictorial handbook. Classmark: SE (24)

Moore, John C. (2012) Energetic food webs: an analysis of real and modern ecosystems. Classmark: GGL (4)

Newland, David (2015) Britain's butterflies: a field guide to the butterflies of Britain and Ireland. 3rd edition. Classmark: QNB (40c)

Newland, David (2013) Britain's day-flying moths: a field guide to the day-flying moths of Britain and Ireland. Classmark: QNA (25)

Nordsieck, Hartmut (2007) Worldwide door snails (Clausiliidae), recent and fossil. Classmark: SE (23)

Oates, Matthew (2015) In pursuit of butterflies: a fifty-year affair. Classmark: D.4 OAT Oat

Prothero, Donald R. (2015) The story of life in 25 fossils: tales of intrepid fossil hunters and the wonders of evolution. Classmark: GJ (47)

Prys-Jones, Oliver E. (2011) Bumblebees. 3rd edition. Classmark: QJG (34c)

Ramakrishna (2010) Annotated checklist of Indian land molluscs. Classmark: S.1 (5)

Rotheray, Graham E. (1989) Aphid predators. Classmark: QRE (17)

Roy, Helen E. (2013) Ladybirds. 2nd edition. Classmark: QI (35b)

Severns, Mike (2011) Shelss of the Hawaiian islands. Volumes 1&2. Classmark: q SA (3)

Shuker, David M. (2014) The evolution of insect mating systems. Classmark: Q.7 (60)

Smallshire, Dave (2014) Britain's dragonflies: a field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland. 3rd edition. Classmark: QC (20c)

Smith, Rebecca K. (2014) Amphibian conservation: global evidence for the effects of interventions. Classmark: WA (7)

Stanisic, John (2010) Australian land snails. Volume 1: A field guide to eastern Australian species. Classmark: SE (22)

Taylor, Graham K. (2014) Evolutionary biomechanics: selection, phylogeny, and constraint. Classmark: EAD (15)

Van Perlo, Ber (2011) Birds of New Zealand, Hawaii, Central and West Pacific. Classmark: KZ.9 (32)

Van Perlo, Ber (2015) Birds of South America. Passerines: from Sapayoa to Finches. Classmark: KZ.8 (32)

Zuur, Alain F. (2014) Beginner's guide to generalised additive mixed models with R. Classmark: EBB (109)

Zuur, Alain F. (2016) Beginner's guide to zero-inflated models with R. Classmark: EBB (108)


New books March 2016

Printed books

Allendorf, Fred W. (2012) Conservation and the genetics of populations. 2nd edition. Classmark: GGW (235b)

Beebee, Trevor (2007) An introduction to molecular ecology. 2nd edition. Classmark: GG (279b)


 New books February 2016

Printed books

Greenspan, Ralph J. (2004) Fly pushing: the theory and practice of Drosophila genetics. 2nd edition. Classmark: QOE (33b) (2 copies)

Heberlein, Thomas A. (2012) Navigating environmental attitudes. Classmark: GG (278)

Hughes, David P. (2012) Host manipulation by parasites. Classmark:  GGN (76)

Marshall, George (2015) Don't even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change. Classmark: GGI (29)

Wegmann, Martin (2016) Remote sensing and GIS for ecologists: using Open Source software. Classmark: EPA (43)