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Equalities and Wellbeing Committee

The Athena SWAN Committee recommended that, once the Department’s SWAN award application was completed (November 2013), it should evolve into a new departmental Committee, the Equalities & Wellbeing Committee.  This was agreed in principle by the Academic and Assistant Staff Committees in October 2013.  The SWAN Committee also recommended that the new EWC Committee should comprise some members from the SWAN Committee continuing on three-year terms of office (to provide continuity) and other members appointed on one-year rotations (to ensure Committee participation and experience is widely shared around the department).  The first meeting of the EWC was 15 July 2014.

Remit of the Equalities and Wellbeing Committee

  • To advise the HoD on departmental objectives and activities relating to HR, Family-Friendly practices, staff development and training, appraisal, mentoring, dignity at work, stress management, feedback mechanisms, gender balance in seminar speakers, etc
  • To propose and implement activities in support of the above
    • To review departmental progress against the Action Points in the Athena SWAN application November 2013
    • To review departmental progress against findings from the Staff Survey (2013)
    • To prepare for the renewal of the Department’s SWAN award (2017)


The Committee shall meet termly, or more often if required.  The next meeting will be on 29 April 2016


  •  The gender balance is preferably 50/50 and no greater than 66/33

  • There shall be a minimum of two staff from each of these staff groups: Support Staff; PhD students; Contract Research Staff and Fellows; UTOs.

  • The Committee may co-opt other staff as required, but within the composition guidelines set out above