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SynBio Forum Michaelmas 2016

Synthetic biology is an emerging field which applies engineering principles to the design and modification of living systems. The University of Cambridge has been an important and early contributor in this area. The SynBio Forum brings international speakers to Cambridge to discuss cutting edge technologies for engineering biology and their disruptive applications for global health, diagnostics and regenerative medicine.

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18 Oct: Sculpting evolution: engineering biology to address global disease challenges (7:30pm - 9pm followed by wine reception)

19 Oct: Programmable biology in the test tube (10am - 4pm, practical workshop with open lunchtime seminars)

8 Nov: Synthetic biology for regenerative medicine (6:30pm - 8pm, followed by buffet dinner and networking reception)

You can also join the Cambridge Synthetic Biology Meetup for news on all synbio events: