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Waste and Recycling

Both the Department and University provide various recycling services some which you can do yourself and some which the Department undertakes to do. However, you should also be aware that the disposal of some waste items is regulated. 


Recycling Points in the Department

  • The Department recycles paper, card and plastic from your office waste bin.
  • Broken glass should be placed in a glass disposal box found in most labs, the Department will then recycle it.
  • There is a bin outside the CSCS office second floor for recycling printer toner cartridges - Childline receive a donation for every cartridge collected.
  • Some batteries may be deposited in a container in Barrie Fuller's office before being processed. Please check with Barrie before you try to dispose of batteries.


Other Recycling

  • Timber, metal and old lighting tubes can all be collected by the department and are then sent to a recycling company.


Regulated Waste Disposal

  • To dispose of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), complete a form and send to Barrie Fuller. IT waste is collected regularly from the Department by arrangement. Complete a form and send to Barrie Fuller.
  • Under the regulations, Electrical and Electronic waste must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Suppliers and manufacturers must take account of what will happen to the environment when their product reaches the end of its life-cycle. When buying new equipment, your supplier should be able to help with the disposal of the old equipment. Contact the Purchasing Office for advice.
  • Waste Chemicals. Waste is securely stored by Barrie Fuller before being collected by a specialist contractor. Complete a Chemical Disposal Form and send it to Barrie so that he can contact you to discuss your requirements.  Further guidance on the disposal of chemical waste is available here.
  • It is the responsibility of anyone discharging waste materials to drains to satisfy him/herself that such a discharge is permitted. In most instances consulting the relevant section of this Guidance or local procedures will allow this judgement to be made.  Further guidance for Discharge to drains is available on the university site. Please see the Disposal of Biological/Clinical Laboratory Waste Policy and Procedures site.
  • All fridges and freezers must be decontaminated prior to disposal. A numbered certificate should be obtained from Barrie Fuller. Fridges and freezers are treated as Hazardous Waste and need to be collected by a specialist contractor.



Environmental Co-ordinator: Barrie Fuller

Facilities Manager: Ian Goldstone

Senior Purchasing Clerk: Laura Everitt

More information on University Environmental policies.