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Mechanical Workshop

tool.jpgOur Workshop Services include consultations, full design, development and manufacture.

Steve Ellis manages the department’s mechanical workshop. He can design/build/repair/modify instruments and apparatus for research as well as for work in the field.

Examples of Steve’s work include a motorised probe-push, designed and manufactured at microscopic limits, allowing an electrical probe to be delivered with better than pin-point accuracy.

At bench-scale, Steve has produced calibrated turntables upon which can be mounted specimen stages and camera gear. The apparatus allows camera and object to be rotated smoothly and independently in two planes, each to within fractions of degrees of movement.

The Workshop is equipped with the following:-

  • Lathe
  • Milling Machine
  • Forge
  • Metal Cut Off Machines
  • Pillar Drill
  • Hand Held Power Tools
  • Hand Tools

The Workshop itself is also available as a self-access resource. Users receive instruction on the operation of the various pieces of equipment and are then able to access the workshop machinery under supervision and with Steve’s guidance.

Our charges are: £26 per hour for Steve’s custom build service. £13 per hour’s self access to the workshop equipment. There is no charge for a consultation meeting.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements. These could be a detailed specification or even a thumb-nail sketch on a sticky note!

The School of the Biological Sciences provides technical support services including visual media services and an electronics workshop.