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Sickness Management Guidelines

The Department follows the revised Sickness Absence Policy of the University.

The aims of the policy are to:

  • Offer support and assistance to staff experiencing ill-health;
  • Provide employees and managers with a standard process and consistent approach for managing, recording and reporting sickness absence;
  • Promote a positive culture of attendance;
  • Minimise sickness absence levels and help facilitate employees' return to work;
  • Ensure the University acts in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner when dealing with sickness absence issues

 In Zoology, we ask staff to act in accordance with the following rules:

i) Staff are asked to report half-days off sick as well as whole-days off sick

ii) Staff are asked to phone-in their absence to Reception (01223 336600) on each day of absence.  Staff are welcome to phone their immediate line managers as well if they wish, but notifying Reception is required.

iii) Staff should hand-in their CHRIS 62 sickness self-certificate on the day of their return.

iv) From September 2014 on, we will introduce Return to Work (RTW) interviews.  These are becoming increasingly standard in the University and outside.  All staff with one day of sickness absence or more will be asked to attend a very short RTW interview.  The purpose of the interview is to confirm the details of the absence and confirm receipt of a CHRIS 62 self-certification form; to identify any support the staff member might need, and identify any underlying health issues that the department should be aware of.  The RTW interviews will be conducted by Julian Jacobs, Liz MacRae, Ian Goldstone and Polly Hodgson.  The interview is recorded using the attached form, which staff and management both sign.