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Placing an order

Staff wishing to place orders are encouraged to place orders with University Preferred Suppliers where possible. If you are having trouble finding the correct item, or the right price, please speak to the Purchasing Office staff. If you are new to the Department and would like some training, please ask.

There are two Departmental Requisition forms, one for normal consumable items and one for ordering equipment.

We request that order forms are signed and completed electronically, then sent via email to, this simplifies transferring orders to the University finance system, and minimises errors.

Orders raised against a grant must be authorised by the grant holder or person authorised by the grant holder.

Order requisition forms include the following information:

  • Which group you are in
  • Quantity
  • Item description (preferably brief)
  • Suppliers item/manufacturing code if applicable
  • Supplier name and address
  • Price per individual item without VAT
  • Grant or consumable code
  • If the grant is plus VAT or VAT exempt (grants linked to medical research are VAT exempt, in these cases a VAT exemption form is sent with the order)
  • Authorised signature if required

Please include copies of the required number of quotations if applicable.

Large and heavy items of equipment

If you are ordering large/bulky pieces of equipment, tick the appropriate boxes on the Equipment Requisition form. We may need to make special arrangements to manage the delivery, including appointing a named person to receive the goods. If you are ordering large pieces of equipment such as incubators, -80 freezers etc you may need to ask the company to carry out a survey of the planned route into the Department, taking account of lift sizes, weight restrictions, door widths etc.

Disposal of old equipment: Remember that if you are purchasing a new to replace old, you may also need to arrange for the company delivering the new equipment to take away the old item. End Users are responsible for informing Ian Goldstone if a piece of equipment is being disposed of. Ian will arrange for a Decontamination Form to be made available to the end user and will give advice on dealing with any decontamination cleaning. Green Equipment labels need to be removed from Equipment and An Asset Equipment Disposal Form should be completed, both need to be returned to  in Purchasing.