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External phone calls may be made via Reception. Please dial 36600, give Linda the number you require, and tell them whether it is a work related or a private call; Linda will then make the call and transfer it through to you.

Faxes may be sent via Reception. There are fax forms and fax cover sheets in trays near the Reception window. The number for incoming faxes is 01223 336676

Zoology telephone and email directory: when you are new to the Department we try to get details on the Departmental Directory as soon as possible. Please give Linda your name, room number, phone number and email address. Even if you only have some details to start with, still pass them on please, as the others can be added as soon as you get them.

If your details change at anytime please update your entry.  This directory is also used to update the paper version of the University Internal Phone Directory but you can also update your own details on the University's look-up service - You can find details about the University voicemail system here -

Please report any problems with the phone system to the Departmental Telecommunications Office - Ian Goldstone.