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Equipment and Other Resources

The following equipment is available from the Elementary Lab for teaching purposes within the lab.

  • a number of Dell laptops
  • 20 CED micro 1401mkII interfaces
  • 60 dissecting microscopes
  • 2 trinocular Leica dissecting microscopes with mounted camera
  • 65 Zeiss Axiostar microscopes
  • 15 Zeiss Axioskop microscopes with colour cameras
  • Tektronix oscilloscopes

The Department has a wide assortment of Videos and DVDs which can be used for teaching purposes.  Please contact Neal Maskell or Jacek Zalewski if you would like to borrow any of the titles listed below (full list available here).


The Museum collection is available to aid with teaching and currently provides resources on Part IA Evolution and Behaviour, Part IB Animal Biology and Part II Zoology.  Specimens that can be used for teaching purposes range from fossils to skeletons and specimens preserved in spirit. For full details of the Museum Specimens potentially available for teaching, please have a look at the online catalogue. Not all specimens may be suitable.


There is an IT Facility on the second floor of the department which is available to Part II and graduate students; there are 19 computers, 2 scanners, a photocopier and printing facilities. There are also two photocopiers in the Library.