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Web Resources


The main web resource for undergraduate teaching is Camtools which is a collection of course sites that house relevant reference material for access by registered users (your Raven details will be needed). All undergraduate courses run by the Department of Zoology have such a site. On each course site you will typically find:

  • Lecture notes
  • Practical handouts
  • Course handbooks
  • Tripos exam papers
  • Announcements

Students taking a course should be routinely registered on the relevant Camtools site at the beginning of the academic year, as should course teaching staff. Others wishing to be registered - supervisors, for instance - should contact Rachel Aucott ( or the appropriate course coordinator.  

Further information about individual courses can be found on the following websites.


If you supervise students you will need to gain access to Camcors in order to provide reports on the students' work and to be paid.  This is usually done by the Colleges but if not please contact Rachel Aucott who can activate an account for you.

Streaming Media Service

Cambridge University hosts its audio and video content on its Streaming Media Service run by the University Computing Service.


Useful Zoology related sites

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology: information, species, classification, searchable picture and sound database of the animal kingdom

CalPhotos: searchable photo database with pictures of plants, animals, fossils, people and landscapes from around the world

bioMovies: video clips of various animals

University of Alberta: instructional multimedia for download - zoology

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: Guide to UK birds