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Balfour Bulletin

The Balfour Bulletin has now been replaced with the Library News blog at

The Balfour Bulletin was the Library's bimonthly newsletter, and aimed to be an interesting way of communicating with all our readers about new developments in library services and facilities, new accessions and online resources in particular. The new blog format is more flexible and easier to update more regularly.

The contents of the Bulletins always included Recent accessions (books, hardback journal volumes, theses), Newsflash, Rare book on display, Website review / New online resources. Items of particular interest are noted by each issue below. They are currently only available to view from within the Department of Zoology. This should change in the future.


No. 35, August 2008
Rare book on display by by Osbert Salvin and Frederick Ducane Godman: Biologia Centrali-Americana. Aves. Vol. IV (Plates), London: 1879-1904. New biological sciences e-journals in JSTOR; New database: Who's Who and Who Was Who; New content: Web of Science adds 700 regional journals; Latest impact factors now available; Press release from BioMed Central re their latest impact factors; New database: Dictionary of medical biography; ISI Web of Knowledge upgrade; Subscription to Scopus; Journal of Ornithology article featuring books from the Balfour Library's Special Collections; Public library resources. Did you know...; Inter-Library Loans fee increase; Central Science Library (CSL) - Saturday closure; A Manual of Nature Conservation Law, Second Edition, edited by Michael Fry. New electronic resources featured in detail are: The new eresources@cambridge facility; New Developments at Cambridge Journals Online.

No. 34, June 2008
Rare book on display by T. C. Eyton Osteologia avium. London: R. Hobson; 1867. Company of Biologists Development archive. A3 scanner now available in the library. 'Communicating the costs of research: what it really costs' report. International Zoo Yearbook online. New ebooks available, as recommended by the Balfour Library. ATHENS and RAVEN changes - end of July deadline. The University Library Open Access publishing web pages updated. Oxford Language Dictionaries Online. New online resources: Index to Theses launches ETD link feature.

No. 33, April 2008
Rare book on display by Henry E. Dresser A history of the birds of Europe including all the species inhabiting the Western Palaearctic region. Volume 8. London: Published by the author; 1871-1887. Balfour Library's Special Collections web page. Trial database subscription: Oxford Language Dictionaries Online. New ebooks now available. Insect Conservation and Diversity journal. Acknowledgement of funders in journal articles. New BioMedCentral journal, BMC Research Notes. DSpace@Cambridge.

No. 32, February 2008
Rare book on display by T. Bewick History of British birds, vol. II, containing the history and description of water birds. Newcastle: 1804. Online access to Springer journals now available from 1997 to the present. New ebooks now available. Factiva service now available. New online resource: BiomedExperts.

No. 31, December 2007
Rare book on display by Jacob Christian Schaeffer Elementa entomologica: Einleitung in die Insectenkenntnis. Regensburg: Gedruckt mit weissischen Schriften; 1766. ejournals@cambridge links in Google Scholar, New ejournals@cambridge service, Conservation dictionary now available via Oxford Reference Online, Cambridge University Press (CUP) journals online, Journal of Fluid Mechanics online, New Inter-Library Loans service, New Books RSS Feed, Eltringham African Collection and new Special Collections page on the Balfour Library website. New online resource: King's College Library Global Warming Collection.

No. 30, October 2007
Rare book on display by Ferdinand Helfreich Frisch Vorstellung der Vögel Deutschlandes und beyläufig auch eigener Fremden. Berlin: Friedr. Wilhelm Birnstiel; 1763. New Wiley Interscience online journals now available, New e-books available, ISI Journal Citation Reports - 2006 data now available, New Inter-Library Loans service, News from Reader Services at Cambridge University Library. New online resource:

No. 29, August 2007
Rare book on display by W. T. Greene Parrots in captivity, vol. II. London: George Bell and Sons; 1884. New e-journals, ATHENS changes. New online resource: Oxford Reference Online.

No. 28, June 2007
Rare book on display by T. C. Jerdon Illustrations of Indian Ornithology, containing fifty figures of new, unfigured and interesting species of birds, chiefly from the South of India. Madras: 1847. E-books, Oxford Reference Online, New JSTOR journals. New online resource: BRANTA, the British Ornithologists' Union Register of Avian Thesis Abstracts.

No. 27, April 2007
Rare book on display by George Stubbs, The anatomy of the horse: including a particular description of the bones, cartilages, muscles, fascias, ligaments, nerves, arteries, veins, and glands. Illustrated by twenty-four plates. London: Henry G. Bohn; 1853. British Library's Archival Sound Recordings service, New journals available on JSTOR. New online resource: Journal of Visualized Experiment (JoVE).

No. 26, February 2007
Rare book on display by William Swainson. Zoological illustrations; or original figures and descriptions of new, rare, or interesting animals, selected chiefly from the classes of ornithology, entomology, and conchology, and arranged on the principles of Cuvier and other modern zoologists, Volume 1: Conchology. London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; 1820-1. New electronic books added to the ebooks@cambridge collection. New online resource: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

No. 25, December 2006
Rare book on display by William Jardine and Prideaux John Selby. Illustrations of ornithology, vol. IV. Edinburgh: W. H. Lizars; 1837. JSTOR holdings update, EndNote Web via ISI Web of Knowledge. New online resource: Theses in print and online via the Australasian Digital Theses Program (ADT) and the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NTLDT).

No. 24, October 2006
Rare book on display by Benjamin Delessert. Recueil de coquilles, décrites par Lamarck dans son Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres et non encore figurées, 1841. E-books developments, library induction information for the Balfour Library, Central Science Library and University Library. New online resource: Cambridge University Library Electronic Resources: Images & Sound.

No. 23, August 2006
Rare book on display by Léon Becker. Annales du Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique. Tome X: Les arachnides de Belgique, 1882. Library induction information. New electronic journals subscriptions available via JSTOR and the Oxford Journals Digital Archive. New online resource: Websites featuring articles on Impact Factors.

No. 22, June 2006
Rare book on display by L. Agassiz, Recherches sur les poissons fossiles. Atlas, Tome IV. Contenant 61 planches de l'ordre des Cténoides. New online resource: the 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

No. 21, April 2006
Rare book on display by John Edward Gray, Sir John Richardson, Arthur Adams, Lovell Reeve and Adam White: The Zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Samarang; under the command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher, during the years 1843-1846 (1850). New online resource: NYPL Digital Gallery.

No. 20, February 2006
Newsflashes on: Elsevier ScienceDirect backfiles and Major online reference works in the sciences now available via Elsevier ScienceDirect, and SciFinder Scholar. Rare book on display by Robert George: The genera of birds: comprising their generic characters, a notice of the habits of each genus, and an extensive list of species referred to their several genera. Vol. III (1849). New online resource: ebooks@cambridge.

No. 19, December 2005
Rare book on display by Robert Hooke: Micrographia restaurata : or, the copper-plates of Dr. Hooke's wonderful discoveries by the microscope, reprinted and fully explained (1765). New online resource: British Library Sound Archive Catalogue.

No. 18, October 2005
Rare book on display by J. L. de Lanessan: Oeuvres complètes de Buffon. Tome dixième, Mammiféres (19??). New online resources: Animal Behavior Abstracts database, and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA).

No. 17, August 2005
Newsflash on: Swipecard now required to exit from the Balfour Library out of hours. Rare book on display by Richard Thomas Lowe: A history of the fishes of Madeira, with original figures from nature of all the species (1843). Newsflash on: Darwin Online. New online resource: Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO).

No. 16, June 2005
Newsflash on: Subscriptions to journals published by the Company of Biologists (COB). Rare book on display combines: [F. Chereau]. Recüeil de différens oyseaux, reptiles et insects etc. (1740), [Marie Briot?]. Volucrum et animalium terrestrium varia genera. Recueil de differentes especes d'oiseaux et d'animaux terrestres [16??], N. Robert. Receüil d'oyseaux les plus rares tirez de la menagerie royalle du Parc de Versailles (1676). New online resource: Digimap Historic Map Data.

No. 15, April 2005
Rare book on display by T. Vernon Wollaston: Insecta Maderensia; being an account of the insects of the islands of the Madeiran group (1854). Newsflash on: the library's cataloguing projects.

No. 14, February 2005
New online resources: NCBI Bookshelf, and Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI).

No. 13, August 2002
Website review of: BioMedCentral: Journal of Biology

No. 12, June 2002
Newsflash on: the new University libraries catalogue. Website reviews of: Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations, and the Anthropological Index Online.

No. 11, April 2002
Newsflash on: the procurement of the new library management system, Voyager. Website reviews of: Scientific Images, and Academic Info.

No. 10, February 2002
Website review of: psci-com (internet resources on public engagement with science and technology).

No. 9, October 2001
Newsflash on: Science, TIBS, TINS, and Current Opinion in Cell Biology online. Website review of: The 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

No. 8, August 2001
Website reviews of: Edina Biosis, the World Resources Institute: EarthTrends, and New Zealand Birds.

No. 7, June 2001
Rare book on display by Ernst Haeckel: Arabische Korallen (1876). Website reviews of: Digimap and the Moving Image Gateway (MIG).

No. 6, April 2001
Newsflash on: JSTOR Archive General Science Collection. Website review of: All that JAS: Journals Abbreviations Sources.

No. 5, February 2001
Newsflash on the free annual allocation from CUP. Website reviews of: The Newspaper Library web catalogue, the British Library web catalogue, Monterey Bay Aquarium, UNEP-WCMC, and BirdLife International.

No. 4, December 2000
Website reviews of: the Index to Theses, and Britannica Online.

No. 3, October 2000
Website reviews of: ZETOC (the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents), and the RDN (Resource Discovery Network).

No. 2, August 2000
Website review of: PubMed. Newsflash on: How to use electronic journals in Cambridge. Rare book on display by John Blackwell: A history of the spiders of Great Britain and Ireland (1861).

No. 1, June 2000
Website review of: CITES.