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Journals and ejournals


How to find a print journal held in a library in Cambridge

All journals held in libraries in the University are catalogued online at LibrarySearch, the online catalogue for the libraries of the University, including Cambridge University Library and its affiliated libraries, and most faculty, departmental and college libraries.

There is also a link to the Cambridge Libraries Gateway, which provides help and information about using libraries and links to online resources. You can also access the online Libraries Directory, which provides information on every library in the University and provides links to their own web sites, if they have one, for further information.


How to locate print journals in the Balfour Library

We publish one alphabetical list of all the journal titles we subscribe to; the volumes we have (holdings); the years they cover; and their shelf mark. This list is updated annually and is distributed in hard copy throughout the Library and can be downloaded here. Please note that where you see the 'Available Online' icon you will need to search the online catalogue, LibrarySearch, to determine exactly what full text coverage is available and to access it.

The most recent issues of journals are displayed in the centre of the Library on the Current Periodicals Display Shelf.

Back issues are kept at their normal shelf mark, which is given on the printed lists of periodicals the Library takes (and on the front cover of the issues).

There is a map on the doors that lead to the area of the library where the photocopier is located, which indicates where books and journals are situated in the library.

The Balfour Library can request articles to be copied for you if the journal is held in the Medical Library, the British Antarctic Survey library, or the Veterinary Medicine library, but not from any other library in the University - you will have to visit the libraries yourself.

Printed journal volumes are for reference only and should NEVER be removed from the Library.

Please re-shelve periodicals after use.


How to get hold of an article published in a journal not held anywhere in Cambridge

You can request an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) from the British Library

See our Inter-Library Loans web page for more information


How to access an online journal via the University Library's A-Z list

Cambridge University Library has paid for and set up access to electronic journals throughout the whole University. Access is provided to the full text of journal articles via ejournals@cambridge, which is effectively an A-Z list of journal titles at

Access from within the university network ( domain) does not require a password. "Off-campus" access is possible with your Raven password.

You can search for a journal by its title. Or simply click on the letter that the title you are interested in begins with, scroll down the list, and click on the link for your particular title.

Details on the journal host, any password information, and coverage is given by each title. Follow the links to find articles.

Please note that if you access these journals via the publishers' web pages directly,  through scientific internet search engines such as PubMed or Google Scholar, and not through Cambridge University Library's A-Z list, you may not be able to get the full text of articles (unless you have your own personal subscription to them).

This is because all access for members of the University has been set up to channel everybody via ejournals@cambridge (see the above link).

You can also access ejournals via Cambridge University Library's eresources@cambridge website and via the LibrarySearch catalogue.


Accessing ejournals from outside of the university network

You can access Raven authenticated services such as eresources, ejournals and Web of Science from any location inside and outside the ‘’ domain (e.g. from your PC at home during vacations or when away doing field work). Just do your search on the A-Z list or LibrarySearch as usual and when you click on the link for the journal title you will automatically be prompted for your Raven password. You should only need to enter your password etc. once per session.


How to get a Raven password

See the University Computing Service "How do I get a Raven password?" web page.


How to recommend a journal for purchase by the Balfour Library

To recommend a journal for purchase, go to the University Library's ejournals@cambridge Help page.


Journal abbreviations and how to find bibliographic information on journals

You may have been given or have found a citation where the journal title has been abbreviated. Unfortunately there is no international standard for abbreviations but there are some places you can check:

All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources, where you can search for abbreviations and acronyms, or browse them by category.

Alternatively, there is a print copy of 'Periodical Title Abbreviations', 9th edition (1994), in the Library Office. This is an alphabetical list of journal titles split into two volumes: by abbreviation and by title.

Cambridge University Library subscribes to (access from within the domain only) which is the authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types - academic and scholarly journals, Open Access publications, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more from around the world.