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March 2017

 Precipitation drives global variation in natural selection

Kiyoko Gotanda co-authored paper has been published in Science - Precipitation drives global variation in natural selection. Find out how the strongest sources of selection within biomes are due to precipitation and transpiration changes

February 2017

 Signals, cues and the nature of mimicry

Gabriel A. Jamie has a new paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B - signals, cues and the nature of mimicry. Explore the logic by which mimicry can be conceptually organized and analysed

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 Wolfson College Science Society Talk - Friday 17th, February

Bacterial control of their viral parasites through altruistic suicide

 Abstract — Bacteria are susceptible to infection by their viral predators (bacteriophages; phages) – the most abundant biological entities on Earth. Bacteria have evolved diverse strategies for evading the lethal impacts of phage infection and, correspondingly, phages evolve to circumvent bacterial defensive systems – an eternal co-evolutionary "molecular arms race". Further information.

January 2017

Urban evolution

Kiyoko Gotanda co-authored paper featured on BBC news: Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study shows


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