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Former group members

Former membersFormer visitors
Dr Ardian Jusufi Elmar Hackmann
Dr Ulrike Bauer Kerstin Tüchert
Dr Adam Robinson
Ming-he Li
Dr Karin Moll Mathias Scharmann
Dr Dan Thornham Sophie Gernay
Dr James Bullock Dimitri Smirnoff
Dr Jan-Henning Dirks Bennet Seifert
Dr Christofer Clemente
Dr Anne Peattie  
Dr Thomas Endlein  
Nanna Evers  
Dr Holger Bohn
Dr Patrick Drechsler  
Dr Tanja Brüning  

PhD hats

Following a German tradition, the workgroup crafts a special hat (mortarboard) for every PhD-student leaving the lab. Sculptures on these hats often represent memorable and unique moments from the student's research and their time at our group. Please feel free to take a look at our creations.