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MRes. Edith Julieta Sarmiento-Ponce PhD Student at the Department of Zoology

MRes. Edith Julieta Sarmiento-Ponce, PhD Student at the Department of Zoology

PhD student at the Department of Zoology – University of Cambridge

MRes. Marine Mammal Science – University of St. Andrews

BSc. (Distinction) Biology – UNAM

Office Phone: 01223 (3)31767


My name is Edith Julieta (Julie) Sarmiento Ponce; I am a third year PhD student in Zoology, the Treasurer of the University of Cambridge Photographic Society (PhoCUS), Newnham College MCR member, and a certified St Johns Ambulance first aider.

I did my undergraduate in Biology in Mexico, and my Master in Research in Marine Mammal Science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. My PhD research focuses on understanding the pathways that regulate phonotaxis in female crickets. Phonotaxis is the behavioral process in which male crickets of the species Gryllus bimaculatus emit a "calling song" by rubbing their wings together, with the objective of attracting a mate. In order to reach the females, the calling sound has to be significantly loud, reaching up to 95 dB (comparable to the intensity of a lawn mower). If the female hears the call and finds it attractive, she will approach the singing male. The male will then commence a courtship song with the same intensity but higher frequency, in an attempt to convince the female to mate.I quantify the females' response using a trackball system in the lab. We also analyze the effect various acoustic parameters, such as the frequency tunning, sound intensity, and song pattern, influence on the phonotactic behaviour. I have communicated my research by oral presentations in Conferences in New York, London, Cambridge, Denmark and Argentina.