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Graduate Training Programme

The Graduate Training Programme in Zoology is comprised of the following compulsory and optional elements:




Doing a PhD isn't just about your research; it's also about gaining new skills and further developing old ones which will be useful down the line, whether you stay in research or move into another career. You can find information about Researcher Development on the Graduate School of Life Sciences website.

The Department and Graduate School of Life Sciences require students to engage in transferable skills training


Finding Courses


The Graduate School of Life Sciences puts on a wide range of transferable skills courses which cover career planning, communication skills, IT skills and other general topics, and other institutions within the University also put on courses, including the Careers Service and the Computing Service.

You can find full details of courses on the Graduate SchoolPersonal and Professional Development and University Training websites, including an introductory workshop on Research Data Management.  Really though, you should attend anything you think sounds interesting or useful.

Depending on where you get your funding from you may also be able to go on external courses supported by your funding body. Notable external courses include Vitae's UK GRADSchools, a popular personal development and careers course. This intensive course on Programming for Evolutionary Biology has also been found to be very useful.