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Your Student Log

If you started your graduate studies on or after 1st October 2016, you will not be required to keep a Student Log book. This has been replaced by the Graduate School of Life Science - Core Skills Training Programme. Please visit the GSLS – Researcher Development website for more details.



Submitting Your Student Log

You should keep your Student Log in a safe place and use it to record your training over the course of your PhD.

As soon as you have started your PhD, and at least once a year thereafter, you and your supervisor should look at what courses would best benefit your research project and personal development and plan the year's training activities. Record these as you go along, rather than have a last minute panic trying to recall what you did and when.

You will be asked to submit your Student Log with each of your First, Second, and Third Year Reports. Please hand the hard copy of your log in to the Graduate Administrator, by the appropriate deadline, who will then make copies and return it to you.



The Credit System

You are required to complete around 10 days training each year - probably more in the first year of your PhD - and accumulate "credits" according to a scale agreed by the Department and the Graduate School (see link below).

Graduate School of Life Sciences: Credit system for transferable skills

Generally speaking, one credit is equivalent to approximately a half day of training. For example, if you attend the one-day "Teaching Undergraduates" course this will earn you two credits.

Although the number of credits you obtain each year may vary, you are expected to accumulate a total of at least 60 credits in three years (or 80 in four).

If you do something that doesn't appear on the list but you feel has an element of transferable skills training, then add it to your Log. If in doubt, write it in! Fieldwork (especially important - lots of transferable skills training!) and visits to other laboratories should be recorded in the Log.