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List of studentships

For further information about any of these studentships you should contact the supervisor. Details on how to apply can be found on the Application Procedure page.

This list is currently being updated and is not complete. You can find information about other projects available by browsing through the Research Themes section of the website.

Doctoral Training Programmes


Antennal Interneurons: Activity Patterns, Active Sensing and Impact on Walking (Berthold Hedwig)

Biomechanics of insect cleaning devices (Walter Federle)

Brains Neurons Controlling Singing Crickets (Berthold Hedwig)

Calcium Imaging of Auditory Organ Activity in Insects (Bethold Hedwig)

Developmental logic of neurotransmitter specification (Matthias Landgraf)

Dissecting the evolution of bright wing patterns in tropical butterflies (Chris Jiggins, Owen McMillan)

Elucidating the mechanism of the first round of mRNA translation (Tim Weil)

Epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms mediating neuronal plasticity (Matthias Landgraf)

Establishing the mechanism of the calcium wave at egg activation (Tim Weil)

Evolutionary biomechanics: host specificity and the role of “wax barriers” in Macaranga-ant mutualisms (Walter Federle)

Feature Detecting Brain Neurons for Auditory Pattern Recognition in Crickets (Berthold Hedwig)

How does vector maternal ecology influence the spread of disease in live-bearing tsetse flies? (Sinead English)

Love in a cold climate: Understanding the dispersal and genetic structure of an abundant Antarctic topshell Margarella antarctica (Bill Amos, Lloyd Peck [BAS])

Motor network connectivity – wiring motifs and function (Matthias Landgraf)

Palaeontological and developmental approaches for resolving vertebrate phylogenetics and character evolution (Rob Asher)

Regulation of dendritic and synaptic growth by metabolic reactive oxygen species (Matthias Landgraf)

Slippery surfaces and sticky fluids of carnivorous pitcher plants: biomechanics and ecology (Walter Federle)

Some like it hot? How do Antarctic species and ecosystems respond to global warming? (Bill Amos, Lloyd Peck [BAS])

Testing the function of calcium in programmed cell death (Tim Weil)

The Function of the Central Complex in Auditory and Visual Orientation (Berthold Hedwig)

The Neurochemical Basis of Cricket Phonotaxis (Berthold Hedwig)

Variation in predation by soft-bodied predators from the tropics to the poles (David Aldridge, Lloyd Peck [BAS])

What controls animal size in the sea? (David Aldridge, Lloyd Peck [BAS])