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Reading list

Suggested background reading


Bateson, P. & Martin, P. (2000) Design for a life. Vintage paperback.

The complete collection of Darwin’s publications are available here:

Dawkins, R. (1990) The selfish gene. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Dawkins, R. (1999) The extended phenotype. Revised edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Gould, S. J. (1981) The Mismeasure of Man. Norton, New York.

Gould, S.J. (2002) The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Belknap, Harvard. (Note: All of Gould’s books of essays are worth reading).

Hughes, H. C. (1999) Sensory exotica; a world beyond human experience. MIT Press.

Jones, S. (2000) Darwin's ghost: the Origin of Species updated. Random House, London.

Miller, K. (2008) Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul. Viking Press.

Prothero, D. (2007) Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters. Columbia, New York.

Ridley, M. (1995) The Red Queen: sex and the evolution of human nature. Penguin, London.

Ridley, M. (2003) Nature via nurture: genes, experience and what makes us human. Harper Collins, London.

Schmidt-Nielsen, K. (1970) How animals work. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.


Some of the references used during the course


Behaviour and Ecology

Alcock, J. (2005) Animal Behaviour, 8th Edition. Sinauer.

Krebs, J.R. & Davies, N.B. (1993) An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology, 3rd edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications.


Brains and Behaviour

Allman, J (2000) Evolving Brains, Scientific American Library.

Carew TJ (2000) Behavioural; Neurobiology, Sunderland.

Simmons, P.J. & Young, D. (1999)  Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour, 2nd edition.  Cambridge University Press.

Shepherd, G.M. (1998)  Neurobiology, 4th edition.  Oxford University Press.



Insect Biology

Chapman, R. F. (1998) The Insects: Structure and Function, 4th edition, Cambridge University Press.

Gullan, P.J. & Cranston, P.S. (2000) The Insects. An Outline of Entomology, 2nd edition. Blackwell

Hölldobler, B. & Wilson, E.O. (1990). The ants . Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press.


Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology

Kardong, K.V. (1995) Vertebrates. Comparative Anatomy, Function, Evolution. William C. Brown.

Liem, K.F., Bemis, W., Walker, W.F. & Grande, L. (2001). Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates . 3rd edition Harcourt College Publishers. ISBN 0-03-022369-5. Colour figures can be downloaded from:

Pough, F.H., Heiser, J.B. & McFarland, W.N. (1995). Vertebrate Life , 4th edition. Prentice Hall International.



Evolutionary Principles

M. Ridley (2004). Evolution 3rd Ed, Blackwell.

D. Futuyma (1997) Evolutionary Biology, 3rd Ed, Sinauer.

D. Hartl & A. Clark, (2007) Principles of population genetics, 4th Ed, Sinauer.