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Module combinations

We know from experience that your interests may not always fall tidily into the standard areas of biology such as "Ecology", "Behaviour", "Cell Biology". Many students wish to get experience of different aspects of Animal Biology, and Part II Zoology is organised with this in mind. The only requirement is that you select at least two modules in each of the two teaching terms. Often the interface between two conventional areas is a growing point in the subject.

You may feel that your background is not suitable for some of the modules that you would like to study. We want to encourage you to follow your interests as far as possible. All modules are taught in a way which is designed to maximise their accessibility to students taking the course. However, if you have any concerns about your own ability to take a particular module you should contact the module organiser who will be very willing to advise you. If you have any further doubts you should contact the Course Organiser who is there to help you with difficulties such as these.

You need not decide finally on your modules until you have sampled what is available at the beginning of each term; this booklet outlines the contents of the modules in order to indicate what is available. Although the modules can be combined according to individual choice, the following are examples of some of the more obvious combinations (modules lettered and numbered for convenience with M = Michaelmas Term module, L = Lent Term module).

  • Someone interested in Neurobiology and Behaviour might select from M4 and M5, followed by L3 and L5.
  • A Whole-Animal and Evolutionary Zoologist might select M1, M2, M3 or M4 with two or more chosen from L1, L3 and L5.
  • An Ecologist might select M2 and M3 or M5, followed by L2, L3 or L4 or replace one of these by the course offered by Plant Sciences
  • A Cell or Molecular Biologist might choose M4, M6, M7 or M8 and L5, L6 or L7.

These are simply examples to show ways in which the modules can be combined to meet individual interests. Members of the staff will be very happy to discuss other combinations, and to give you advice.