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All new printed and electronic books are listed monthly.

Printed books are on the open shelves unless stated otherwise. There is also a display of new books on top of the card catalogue. New books can be borrowed in accordance with the Library's loan periods. All of our books are catalogued on iDiscover, the online catalogue for the libraries of the University.

Electronic books are available to all current staff and students of the University from any location, 24/7. They can be accessed via iDiscover or through ebooks@cambridge where you can find information about using them on mobile devices.

You can recommend a new book by completing the online recommendation form.


New electronic books October 2020

Bear, Mark F. (2016) Neuroscience: exploring the brain. 4th edition

Biewener, Andrew A. (2018) Animal locomotion. 2nd edition

Croft, Darin A. (2018) Methods in paleoecology: reconstructing cenozoic terrestrial environments and ecological communities

Harrison, Jon F. (2012) Ecological and environmental physiology of insects

King, Carolyn M. (2019) Invasive predators in New Zealand: disaster on four small paws

Squire, Larry R. (2013) Fundamental neuroscience. 4th edition

Striedter, Georg F. (2020) Brains through time: a natural history of vertebrates


New electronic books May 2020

Baddeley, Adrian (2016) Spatial point patterns: methodology and applications with R

Bashour, Bana (2014) Contemporary philosophical naturalism and its implications

Campbell, Bernard G. (1972) Sexual selection and the descent of man: the Darwinian pivot

Davies, Nicholas B. (2015) Cuckoo: cheating by nature

Dawkins, Marian Stamp (1993) Through our eyes only?: the search for animal consciousness

Di Prisco, Guido (2012) Adaptation and evolution in marine environments. Volume 1: The impacts of global change on biodiversity

Hedwig, Berthold (2014) Insect hearing and acoustic communication

Kemp, T.S. (2016) The origin of higher taxa: paleobiological, developmental, and ecological perspectives

Martin, Graham (2017) The sensory ecology of birds

Mulder, Christa P.H. (2011) Seabird islands: ecology, invasion, and restoration

Pollack, Gerald S. (2016) Insect hearing

Walsh, Bruce (2018) Evolution and selection of quantitative traits

Werdelin, Lars (2010) Cenozoic mammals of Africa

Wilkinson, Matt (2016) Restless creatures: the story of life in ten movements

Willmer, Pat (2005) Environmental physiology of animals. 2nd edition


New electronic books April 2020

Alberts, Bruce (2015) Molecular biology of the cell. 6th edition

Aldridge, Robert D. (2011) Reproductive biology and phylogeny of snakes 

Birkhead, Tim (2012) Bird sense: what it's like to be a bird

Bourke, Andrew F.G. (2011) Principles of social evolution

Diamond, Jared M. (2013) Guns, germs and steel: a short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years

Jiggins, Chris D. (2016) The ecology and evolution of Heliconius butterflies

Kolbert, Elizabeth (2014) The sixth extinction: an unnatural history

Ruxton, Graeme D. (2018) Avoiding attack: the evolutionary ecology of crypsis, aposematism, and mimicry

Wood, Simon N. (2017) Generalized additive models: an introduction with R. 2nd edition

Wynne, Clive D.L. (2013) Animal cognition: evolution, behavior and cognition. 2nd edition


New electronic books March 2020

Archibald, John (2014) One plus one equals one: symbiosis and the evolution of complex life

Bell, Graham (2008) Selection: the mechanism of evolution. 2nd edition

Coyne, Jerry A. (2010) Why evolution is true

Dawkins, Richard (2016) The ancestor's tale: a pilgrimage to the dawn of evolution. Revised edition

Dawkins, Richard (2016) The extended phenotype: the long reach of the gene. Revised edition

Fleagle, John G. (2013) Primate adaptation and evolution. 3rd edition

Grubb, Thomas C. (2006) Ptilochronology: feather time and the biology of birds