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All new printed and electronic books are listed monthly.

Printed books are on the open shelves unless stated otherwise. There is also a display of new books on top of the card catalogue. New books can be borrowed in accordance with the Library's loan periods. All of our books are catalogued on iDiscover, the online catalogue for the libraries of the University.

Electronic books are available to all current staff and students of the University from any location, 24/7. They can be accessed via iDiscover or through ebooks@cambridge where you can find information about using them on mobile devices.

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New books April 2019

Printed books

Gibson, Susannah (2019) The spirit of inquiry: how one extraordinary society shaped modern science. Classmark: D.3 (68)

Gosline, John (2018) Mechanical design of structural materials in animmals. Classmark: EAD (17)

Hosken, David J. (2019) Genes and behaviour: beyond nature-nurture. Classmark: ENY (51)

Inoue-Murayama, Miho (2011) From genes to animal behavior: social structures, personalities, communication by color. Classmark: GFU (362)

Lister, Adrian (2014) Mammoths: Ice Age giants. Classmark: YGU (14) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Marrs, Susan J. (2011) The changing nature of Scotland. Classmark: FY (53) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Morrison, Michael L. (2018) Ornithology: foundation, analysis, and application. Classmark: q K (75) (Large size shelves)

Schilthuizen, Menno (2018) Darwin comes to town: how the urban jungle drives evolution. Classmark: GG (294)

Woodward, Jamie (2014) The Ice Age: a very short introduction. Classmark: GJ.8 (6) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)


New books January 2019

Printed books

Baum, David A. (2013) Tree thinking: an introduction to phylogenetic biology. Classmark: GK (52) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Cooper, Edwin L. (2018) Advances in comparative immunology. Classmark: FV (72) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Kardong, Kenneth (2018) Vertebrates: comparative anatomy, function, evolution. 8th edition. Classmark: UU (26h) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Maslin, Mark (2013) Climate: a very short introduction. Classmark: GGI (30) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Sutton, Richard S. (2018) Reinforcement learning: an introduction. 2nd edition. Classmark: EPA (47b)

Wilson, Don E. (2018) Handbook of the mammals of the world. Volume 8: Insectivores, sloths and colugos. Classmark: q Y (26) (Large size shelves)


New books December 2018

Printed books

Cordoba-Aguilar, Alex (2018) Insect behavior: from mechanisms to ecological and evolutionary consequences. Classmark: Q.7 (61)

Dugatkin, Lee Alan (2018) How to tame a fox (and build a dog): visionary scientists and a Siberian tale of jump-started evolution. Classmark: YOV (2)

Else, George R. (2018) Handbook of the bees of the British Isles. Classmark: q QJG (4) (Open shelf, Large size)

Futuyma, Douglas J. (2018) Evolution. 4th edition. Classmark: q EO (10d) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves, large size)

Gee, Henry (2018) Across the bridge: understanding the origin of the vertebrates. Classmark: UU (34)

Hilborn, Ray (2012) Overfishing: what everyone needs to know. Classmark: VZ (43)

Zachos, Frank (2018) Mammalian evolution, diversity and systematics. Classmark: q Y (28) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Zimmer, Carl (2016) Evolution: making sense of life. 2nd edition. Classmark: q EO (9b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves, large size)


New books October 2018

Printed books

Berkovitz, Barry K.B. (2017) The teeth of non-mammalian vertebrates. Classmark: q GDO (2)

Bignell, David Edward (2011) Biology of termites: a modern synthesis. Classmark: QH (8)

Boyd, Robert (2017) How humans evolved. 8th edition. Classmark: q EO (13h) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 2 copies on Open shelves, Large size)

Losos, Jonathan B. (2017) Improbable destinies: fate, chance, and the future of evolution. Classmark: EO (361)

Marshall, Stephen A. (2018) Beetles: the natural history and diversity of Coleoptera. Classmark: q QI (5) (Open shelf, Large size)

Milo, Ron (2016) Cell biology by the numbers. Classmark: EC (312) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Papachristodoulou, Despo (2018) Biochemistry and molecular biology. 6th edition. Classmark: EH (58f) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Quammen, David (2018) The tangled tree: a radical new history of life. Classmark: EO (360)

Reilly, John (2018) The ascent of birds: how modern science is revealing thheir story. Classmark: K.12 (8)

Ruxton, Graeme D. (2018) Avoiding attack: the evolutionary ecology of crypsis, aposematism, and mimicry. 2nd edition. Classmark: GGT (20b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Ryan, Michael J. (2018) A taste for the beautiful: the evolution of attraction in animals and humans. Classmark: GFU (361)

Soler, Manuel (2017) Avian brood parasitism: behaviour, ecology, evolution and coevolution. Classmark: K.8 (78)

Sutherland, William J. (2018) What works in conservation 2018. Classmark: GGW (253)

Vonk, Jennifer (2017) Personality in nonhuman animals. Classmark: GFU (360)


New books August 2018

Printed books

Bonduriansky, Russell (2018) Extended heredity: a new understanding of inheritance and evolution. Classmark: EN (189) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Darmaillacq, Anne-Sophie (2014) Cephalopod cognition. Classmark: SS.7 (3)

Gil, Diego (2014) Avian urban ecology: behavioural and physiological adaptations. Classmark: K.8 (76)

Hanlon, Roger T. (2018) Cephalopod behaviour. 2nd edition. Classmark: SS.7 (2b)

Laland, Kevin (2017) Darwin's unfinished symphony: how culture made the human mind. Classmark: EO (359)

Marzluff, John M. (2001) Avian ecology and conservation in an urbanizing world. Classmark: K.8 (77)

Shirihai, Hadoram (2018) Handbook of Western Palearctic birds. Passerines. Classmark: q K (74)

Tilling, Steve M. (2014) A key to the major groups of British terrestrial invertebrates. 2nd edition. Classmark: L.1 (2b)

Tscharntke, Teja (2007) Stability of tropical rainforest margins: linking ecological, economic and social constraints of land use and conservation. Classmark: GHI (11)

Walsh, Bruce (2018) Evolution and selection of quantitative traits. Classmark: q EN (11)


New books July 2018

Printed books

Allmon, Warren D. (2016) Species and speciation in the fossil record. Classmark: GJ (50)

Ball, Philip (2009) Nature's patterns: a tapestry in three parts. Classmark: E (49i,ii,iii)

Benton, Ted (2017) Solitary bees. Classmark: QJG (43)

Dietze, Michael C. (2017) Ecological forecasting. Classmark: GG (289)

Eldredge, Niles (2016) Evolutionary theory: a hierarchical perspective. Classmark: EO (358)

Everard, Mark (2017) Ecosystem services: key issues. Classmark: GGW (254)

Gleick, James (2008) Chaos: making a new science. Classmark: D.7 (42)

Goodale, Eban (2017) Mixed-species groups of animals: behaviour, community structure, and conservation. Classmark: GG (290)

Goodenough, Anne (2017) Applied ecology: monitoring, managing, and conserving. Classmark: GG (291)

Grim, Tomas (2017) The cuckoo: the uninvited guest. Classmark: KQ (10)

Hui, Cang (2017) Invasion dynamics: the spread and impact of alien organisms. Classmark: GG (293)

Jones, Richard (2018) Beetles. Classmark: QI (37)

Laladhas, K.P. (2017) Biodiversity for sustainable development. Classmark: GGW (255)

Mayr, Gerald (2016) Avian evolution: the fossil record of birds and its paleobiological significance. Classmark: K.12 (7)

Moss, Brian (2017) Ponds and small lakes: microorganisms and freshwater ecology. Classmark: GHM (117)

Rose, Deborah Bird (2017) Extinction studies: stories of time, death, and generations. Classmark: GGW (256)

Willig, Michael R. (2016) Long-term ecological research: changing the nature of scientists. Classmark: GG (288)


New books May 2018

Printed books

Bassi, Sebastian (2017) Python for bioinformatics. 2nd edition. Classmark: EPA (46b)

Brooke, Michael (2018) Far from land: the mysterious lives of seabirds. Classmark: K (233)

Gardener, Mark (2017) Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel: data collection, exploration, analysis and presentation. 2nd edition. Classmark: EBB (105b)

Gorb, Stanislav N. (2018) Functional surfaces in biology III: diversity of the physical phenomena. Classmark: EC (306iii)

Koricheva, Julia (2013) Handbook of meta-analysis in ecology and evolution. Classmark: EBB (115)

Sutherland, William J. (2017) What works in conservation 2017. Classmark: GGW (253)


New books March 2018

Printed books

Birket-Smith, S. Jorgen R. (1984) Prolegs, legs and wings of insects. Classmark: Q.4 (22)


New books January 2018

Printed books

Brewer, David (2018) Birds new to science: fifty years of avian discoveries. Classmark: K (232)

Hansson, B.S. (1999) Insect olfaction. Classmark: Q.5 (100)

Rosenthal, Gil G. (2017) Mate choice: the evolution of sexual decision making from microbes to humans. Classmark: GFU (358)

Wilson, Don E. (2017) Handbook of the mammals of the world. Volume 7: Rodents II. Classmark: q Y (25) (Large size shelves)