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New printed and electronic books in the Balfour Library



All new printed and electronic books are listed monthly.

Printed books are on the open shelves unless stated otherwise. There is also a display of new books on top of the card catalogue. New books can be borrowed in accordance with the Library's loan periods. All of our books are catalogued on iDiscover, the online catalogue for the libraries of the University.

Electronic books are available to all current staff and students of the University from any location, 24/7. They can be accessed via iDiscover or through ebooks@cambridge where you can find information about using them on mobile devices.

You can recommend a new book by completing the online recommendation form.


New books December 2017

Electronic books

Dawkins, Richard (2016) The selfish gene. The 40th Anniversary edition

Printed books

Cox, C. Barry (2016) Biogeography: an ecological and evolutionary approach. 9th edition. Classmark: GH (24i) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Gans, Carl (2008) Biology of the reptilia. Volume 20 Morphology H: The skull of Lepidosauria. Classmark: WL (13xx)

Gans, Carl (2008) Biology of the reptilia. Volume 21 Morphology I: The skull and appendicular locomotor apparatus of Lepidosauria. Classmark: WL (13xxi)

Graur, Dan (2016) Molecular and genome evolution. Classmark: q EN (10) (Large size shelves)


New books October 2017

Electronic books

Pitman, Simon J. (2017) Seascape ecology: taking landscape ecology into the sea

Printed books

Arratia, Gloria (2004) Recent advances in the origin and early radiation of vertebrates. Classmark: UU.12 (7) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Barnard, Chris (2017) Asking questions in biology: a guide to hypothesis testing, experimental design and presentation in practical work and research projects. 5th edition. Classmark: EB (87e)

Bronmark, Christer (2018) The biology of lakes and ponds. 3rd edition. Classmark: GHM (115c) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Crowe, Jonathan (2014) Chemistry for the biosciences: the essential concepts. 3rd edition. Classmark: EHB (16c) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Elliott, David K. (2010) Morphology, phylogeny and paleobiogeography of fossil fishes. Classmark: V.12 (8) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Harold, Franklin M. (2014) In search of cell history: the evolution of life's building blocks. Classmark: EC (311)

Hill, Kim (1996) Ache life history: the ecology and demography of a foraging people. Classmark: YYV (24) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Jocque, R. (2006) Spider families of the world. Classmark: RF (33b)

Kassambara, Alboukadel (2017) Practical guide to cluster analysis in R: unsupervised machine learning. Classmark: EBB (114)

Kuriyan, John (2012) The molecules of life: physical and chemical principles. Classmark: q EM (15) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Magurran, Anne E. (2005) Evolutionary ecology: the Trinidadian guppy. Classmark: VSL (1)

Maslin, Mark (2017) The cradle of humanity: how the changing landscape of Africa made us so smart. Classmark: YYV (21)

Morgan, E. David (2010) Biosynthesis of insects. Advanced edition. Classmark: Q.5 (99)

Nadathur, Sudarshan (2017) Sustainable protein sources. Classmark: q GGZ (3) (Large size shelves)

Stringer, Chris (2012) The origin of our species. Classmark: YYV (23)

Yong, Ed (2016) I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life. Classmark: FV (71)


New books September 2017

Printed books

Arlott, Norman (2017) Collins field guide. Birds of South-East Asia. Classmark: KZ.59 (2)

Carlson, Neil R. (2017) Physiology of behavior. 12th edition. Classmark: q GFU (14l) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Dennett, Daniel C. (2017) From bacteria to Bach and back: the evolution of minds. Classmark: EO (357)

Grant, Peter R. (2014) 40 years of evolution: Darwin's finches on Daphne Major Island. Classmark: KY (52)

Hawkins, Frank (2015) Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean islands: Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues. Classmark: KZ.6 (81)

Jackson, Tim (2016) Prosperity without growth: foundations for the economy of tomorrow. 2nd edition. Classmark: GGW (226bi)

Krebs, Jocelyn E. (2017) Lewin's Genes XII. 12th edition. Classmark: q EN (8l) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Large size shelves)

Macdonald, David W. (2010) Biology and conservation of wild felids. Classmark: YPM (5)

Marks, Friedrich (2017) Cellular signal processing: an introduction to the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction. 2nd edition. Classmark: EC (297b) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Newton, Ian (2017) Farming and birds. Classmark: K.8 (75)

Prum, Richard O. (2017) The evolution of beauty: how Darwin's forgotten theory of mate choice shapes the animal world - and us. Classmark: GFU (357)

Worthington, Ian (2013) Greening business: research, theory, and practice. Classmark: GGW (251)


New books July 2017

Printed books

Arratia, Gloria (1996) Mesozoic fishes: systematics and paleoecology. Classmark: V.12 (7i)

Arratia, Gloria (1999) Mesozoic fishes 2: systematics and fossil record. Classmark: V.12 (7ii)

Arratia, Gloria (2004) Mesozoic fishes 3: systematics, paleoenvironments and biodiversity. Classmark: V.12 (7iii)

Bartrip, Peter W.J. (2008) Myxomatosis: a history of pest control and the rabbit. Classmark: YUH.11 (3)

Beckerman, Andrew P. (2017) Getting started with R: an introduction for biologists. 2nd edition. Classmark: EBB (91b)

Demongin, Laurent (2016) Identification guide to birds in the hand. Classmark: KZ.4 (14)

Dhondt, Andre A. (2012) Interspecific competition in birds. Classmark: K.7 (43)

Heessen, Henk J.L. (2015) Fish atlas of the Celtic Sea, North Sea and Baltic Sea. Classmark: q VZ.4 (6) (Large size shelves)

Hendry, Andrew P. (2016) Eco-evolutionary dynamics. Classmark: GG (286)

James, Matthew J. (2017) Collecting evolution: the Galapagos expedition that vindicated Darwin. Classmark: FY (52)

Jiggins, Chris D. (2017) The ecology and evolution of Heliconius butterflies. Classmark: QNB (43)

Lovette, Irby J. (2016) The Cornell Lab of Ornithology handbook of bird biology. Classmark: q K (72c) (Large size shelves)

Martin, Graham R. (2017) The sensory ecology of birds. Classmark: K.7 (44)

Menkhorst, Peter (2017) The Australian bird guide. Classmark: KZ.9 (34)

Monadjem, Ara (2010) Bats of southern and central Africa: a biogeographic and taxonomic synthesis. Classmark: YV (17)

Montgomery, John (2016) Evolution of the cerebellar sense of self. Classmark: GFE (62)

Piersma, Theunis (2011) The flexible phenotype: a body-centred integration of ecology, physiology, and behaviour. Classmark: GG (287)

Potschin, Marion (2016) Routledge handbook of ecosystem services. Classmark: GGW (249)

Raworth, Kate (2017) Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st-century economist. Classmark: GGW (250)

Willekens, Frans (2014) Multistate analysis of life histories with R. Classmark: EBB (113)


New books June 2017

Printed books

Cadotte, Marc W. (2016) Phylogenies in ecology: a guide to concepts and methods. Classmark: GK (51)

Cameron, Robert (2016) Slugs and snails. Classmark: SE (25)

Denny, Mark (2016) Ecological mechanics: principles of life's physical interactions. Classmark: EA (51)

Lents, Nathan H. (2016) Not so different: finding human nature in animals. Classmark: GFU (354)

Majerus, M.E.N. (2016) A natural history of ladybird beetles. Classmark: QI (36)

Northey, Margot (2015) Making sense: a student's guide to writing and research: life sciences. 2nd edition. Classmark: D.14 (46b)

Sale, Richard (2016) Falcons. Classmark: KJ (23)

Stockan, Jenni A. (2016) Wood ant ecology and conservation. Classmark: QJD (27)

Weis, Judith S. (2016) Biological invasions and animal behaviour. Classmark: GFU (356)


New books May 2017

Printed books

Birkhead, Tim (2016) The most perfect thing: inside (and outside) a bird's egg. Classmark: K.9 (27)

Birkhead, Tim (2003) The red canary: the story of the first genetically engineered animal. Classmark: KY (51)

Bromham, Lindell (2016) An introduction to molecular evolution and phylogenetics. 2nd edition. Classmark: GK (50b)

Brooks, Steve (2014) Field guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland. 5th edition. Classmark: QC (18e)

Byrne, Richard W. (2016) Evolving insight. Classmark: GFU (353)

Carroll, Sean B. (2016) The Serengeti rules: the quest to discover how life works and why it matters. Classmark: E (48)

Emery, Nathan (2016) Bird brain: an exploration of avian intelligence. Classmark: K.5 (33)

Faraway, Julian J. (2016) Extending the linear model with R: generalized linear, mixed effects and nonparametric regression models. 2nd edition. Classmark: EBB (85b)

Fox, Gordon A. (2015) Ecological statistics: contemporary theory and application. Classmark: EBB (112)

Gardener, Mark (2015) Managing data using Excel: organizing, summarizing and visualizing scientific data. Classmark: EPA (45)

Gillson, Lindsey (2015) Biodiversity conservation and environmental change: using palaeoecology to manage dynamic landscapes in the anthropocene. Classmark: GGW (247)

Hancock, John T. (2017) Cell signalling. 4th edition. Classmark: EC (298d) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Hayward, Peter J. (2016) Shallow seas of Northwest Europe. Classmark: GHO (60)

HBW (2016) Illustrated checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 2: Passerines. Classmark: q K (67) (Large size shelves)

Held, Lewis I. (2017) Deep homology?: uncanny similarities of humans and flies uncovered by evo-devo. Classmark: EEB (78)

Hobbs, N. Thompson (2015) Bayesian models: a statistical primer for ecologists. Classmark: EBB (111)

Korth, William W. (1994) The tertiary record of rodents in North America. Classmark: YR (10)

Krebs, Charles J. (2016) Why ecology matters. Classmark: GG (282)

Liu, Jianguo (2016) Pandas and People: coupling human and natural systems for sustainability. Classmark: GGW (248)

Marshall, Perry (2015) Evolution 2.0: breaking the deadlock between Darwin and design. Classmark: EO (354)

McBurney, Henrietta (2017) Birds, other animals and natural curiosities. Classmark: q HC (7) (Rare book collection)

Michael, Michaelis (2016) Evolution by natural selection: confidence, evidence and the gap. Classmark: EO (355)

Miklosi, Adam (2015) Dog behaviour, evolution, and cognition. 2nd edition. Classmark: YOW.7 (5b)

New, Tim R. (2016) Alien species and insect conservation. Classmark: Q.8 (56)

Nowak, Ronald M. (2005) Walker's carnivores of the world. Classmark: Y (45)

O'Connor, M.R. (2015) Resurrection science: conservation, de-extinction and the precarious future of wild things. Classmark: GGW (243)

Orion, Tao (2015) Beyond the war on invasive species: a permaculture approach to ecosystem restoration. Classmark: GG (283)

Ovaskainen, Otso (2016) Quantitative ecology and evolutionary biology: integrating models with data. Classmark: GG (281)

Pasztor, Liz (2016) Theory-based ecology: a Darwinian approach. Classmark: GG (285)

Pearce, Fred (2015) The new wild: why invasive species will be nature's salvation. Classmark: GGW (245)

Root, Terry L. (2015) Biodiversity in a changing climate: linking science and management in conservation. Classmark: GGW (242)

Saxena, R.K. (2015) Animal adaptations: evolution of forms and functions. Classmark: GGS (10)

Sekercioglu, Cagan H. (2016) Why birds matter: avian ecological function and ecosystem services. Classmark: K.8 (74)

Sultan, Sonia E. (2015) Organism and environment: ecological development, niche construction, and adaptation. Classmark: GG (284)

Thomas, Jeremy (2014) The butterflies of Britain and Ireland. Classmark: QNB (42c)

Thompson, R. Paul (2015) A remarkable journey: the story of evolution. Classmark: EO (356)

Wiens, John A. (2016) Ecological challenges and conservation conundrums: essays and reflections for a changing world. Classmark: GGW (246)

Withers, Philip C. (2016) Ecological and environmental physiology of mammals. Classmark: Y.5 (10)

Woodwell, George M. (2016) A world to live in: an ecologist's vision for a plundered planet. Classmark: GGW (244)

Zhu, Xuan (2016) GIS for environmental applications: a practical approach. Classmark: EPA (44)


New books April 2017

Printed books

Fraser, Caroline (2009) Rewilding the world: dispatches from the conservation revolution. Classmark: GGW (241)

Horch, Hadley Wilson (2017) The cricket as a model organism: development, regeneration and behavior. Classmark: QF (19)

Krause, Jens (2015) Animal social networks. Classmark: GFU (352)

Ward, Ashley (2016) Sociality: the behaviour of group-living animals. Classmark: GFU (351)


New books February 2017

Printed books

Ashwell, Ken (2013) Neurobiology of monotremes: brain evolution in our distant mammalian cousins. Classmark: q YBE (1) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Benton, Michael J. (2015) When life nearly died: the greatest mass extinction of all time. 2nd edition. Classmark: GJ (49b)

Blackburn, Elizabeth (2017) The telomere effect: a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer. Classmark: ECL (18) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Carey, Nessa (2011) The epigenetics revolution: how modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease and inheritance. Classmark: ENY (50)

Clack, Jennifer A. (2016) Evolution of the vertebrate ear: evidence from the fossil record. Classmark: UU.4 (26)

Eisenberg, Cristina (2014) The carnivore way: coexisting with and conserving North America's predators. Classmark: YZ.7 (22)

Gherardi, Francesca (2007) Biological invaders in inland waters: profiles, distribution and threats. Classmark: GHM (116)

Keller, Reuben P. (2009) Bioeconomics of invasive species: integrating ecology, economics, policy and management. Classmark: GGW (240)

Klieve, Athol (2015) Marsupials and monotremes: nature's enigmatic mammals. Classmark: YD (11) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Speight, Martin R. (2010) Marine ecology: concepts and applications. Classmark: GHN (180) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Van der Velde, Gerard (2010) The zebra mussel in Europe. Classmark: q SM (3) (Large size shelves)


New books January 2017

Printed books

Clack, Jennifer A. (2015) Basal tetrapoda. Classmark: W.12 (5) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Croft, Darin A. (2016) Horned armadillos and rafting monkeys: the fascinating fossil mammals of South America. Classmark: YZ.8 (2)

Dawkins, Richard (2016) The ancestor's tale: a pilgrimage to the dawn of life. 2nd edition. Classmark: EP (96b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Kemp, T.S. (2016) The origin of higher taxa: palaeobiological, developmental, and ecological perspectives. Classmark: GJ (48) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Luckett, W. Patrick (1985) Evolutionary relationships among rodents: a multidisciplinary analysis. Classmark: YR (9)

Luo, Liqun (2016) Principles of neurobiology. Classmark: q GF (17) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Large size shelves)

Monbiot, George (2014) Feral: rewilding the land, sea and human life. Classmark: GGW (239)

Polilov, Alexey A. (2016) At the size limit: effects of miniaturization in insects. Classmark: Q.4 (21)

Sanderson, James G. (2015) Patterns in nature: the analysis of species co-occurrences. Classmark: GG (280)

Smith, Andrew M. (2016) Biological adhesives. 2nd edition. Classmark: GD (73b)

Stanley, Steven M. (2015) Earth system history. 4th edition. Classmark: q GJG (2d) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Large size shelves)


New books October 2016

Printed books

Archibald, John (2014) One plus one equals one: symbiosis and the evolution of complex life. Classmark: EO (353)

Buss, David (2015) Evolutionary psychology: the new science of the mind. 5th edition. Classmark: EO (282e) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Emoto, Kazuo (2016) Dendrites: development and disease. Classmark: GF (237)

Frith, Clifford B. (2016) Charles Darwin's life with birds: his complete ornithology. Classmark: D.4 DAR Fri

Gilbert, Scott F. (2016) Developmental biology. 11th edition. Classmark: EEB (64k) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Hill, Richard (2016) Animal physiology. 4th edition. Classmark: q GD (8d) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Judd, Walter S. (2016) Plant systematics: a phylogenetic approach. 4th edition. Classmark: q FA (7d) (Overnight Loan shelves)

Klein, Richard G. (2009) The human career: human biological and cultural origins. 3rd edition. Classmark: YYV (19c) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Lewin, Roger (2004) Principles of human evolution. 2nd edition. Classmark: YYV (20b) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Lodish, Harvey (2016) Molecular cell biology. 8th edition. Classmark: q EC (25h) (2 copies on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Large size shelves)

Sillar, Keith T. (2016) Neuroethology of predation and escape. Classmark: GFU (350) (1 copy on Overnight Loan shelves, 1 copy on Open shelves)

Striedter, Georg F. (2016) Neurobiology: a functional approach. Classmark: q GF (16) (Large size shelves)

Wilkinson, Matt (2016) Restless creatures: the story of life in ten movements. Classmark: GES (29) (3 copies)