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All current staff and students of the University are eligible to borrow books from the Library. You must register with the online borrowing system to be able to borrow books. Please note that books should not be removed from a readers' Cambridge address, unless you are an undergraduate borrowing books over the Christmas or Easter vacations. All books on loan from the Zoology Library are subject to recall by other readers so we need to be able to get books back easily for them if required.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, any reader who wants to borrow books but has not previously registered their University Card will be registered without having to visit the Library in person.

Present your University Card to the Senior Library Assistant in the Library Office during normal opening hours.

If you are not eligible for a University Card, you may be able to apply for a University Library Card. We can use this to register you so you can borrow books from the Zoology Library.

Please check your eligibility on the University Library's 'How to join the Library' web page.