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Department of Zoology



I graduated with a B.Tech in Biotechnology from SASTRA University, India in 2015. I carried out my Bachelor’s thesis in Professor K.VijayRaghavan’s lab at the National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore, India jointly guided by Professor Mani Ramaswami, before joining the Weil lab for my PhD in 2016. 


My broader research interest is to understand fundamental cell biological processes occurring during development and how they can be used to better study disease biology.

For my PhD, I am exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which membraneless granules, mainly Processing bodies, regulate mRNA metabolism and cellular development. Understanding how membraneless granules organize and regulate cellular processes is fundamental to understanding how the cellular cytoplasm itself is organized in the first place. I am using Drosophila as the model system to address my questions of interest whilst incorporating genetic, biophysical, biochemical and imaging techniques. 



Key publications: 

1. Baskar Bakthavachalu*,, Joern Huelsmeier*, Indulekha Sudhakaran, Jens Hillebrand, Amanjot Singh, Arnas Petrauskas, Devasena Thiagarajan, M. Sankaranarayanan, Laura Mizoe, Eric N Anderson, Udhai Bhan Pandey, Eric Ross, K.VijayRaghavan, Roy Parker and Mani Ramaswami†. “RNP granule Assembly via Ataxin-2 Disordered Domains Is Required For Long Term Memory and Neurodegeneration.” Neuron,2018. 

PhD Student

Contact Details

01223 (3)36631


Person keywords: 
Drosophila genetics
in vivo physiology
Fluorescence Light microscopy