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Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

PhD student

Museum Room G. 15


Earlier this year I graduated with my undergraduate master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford. During my master’s year I was in Roger Benson’s research group, and also worked closely with Phil Cox at York. My study was based on biomechanical comparative analysis of the jaw of the Oxford dodo specimen and of its closest living relative (the Nicobar pigeon).

I have just started my PhD looking at axial skeleton diversity among reptiles, and how this diversity links to developmental processes and mechanisms such as regionalization and Hox gene expression.

Research Interests

I am interested in many aspects of vertebrate evolution, including evo-devo, comparative anatomy, functional analysis and systematics.

During my master's I really enjoyed using quantitative techniques and software that derives from engineering in palaeontological study. I hope to continue this interdisciplinary spirit in my research in the years to come.