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Department of Zoology


I graduated with BSc in Biology from Imperial College London in 2016. During my Bachelor's thesis, I worked under Dr. Michalis Barkoulas focusing on pathogen-specific immune responses in C. elegans and the effect of increased immune activity on worm development.

I then moved to Cambridge to complete my MPhil in Biological Science (Zoology) under supervision of Dr. Torsten Krude. My year-long project focused on regulation of DNA replication initiation by non-coding RNAs in plants.

Currently, I remain in the Krude group and continue to study regulation of DNA replication by non-coding RNAs, focusing on a vertebrate-specific non-coding RNA family called Y RNAs. My thesis focuses on identification of functional Y RNA mutants, effects of Y RNA mutations on their interaction with protein binding partners, and identification of Y RNA predecessors in extant chordates.

PhD Student

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