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Department of Zoology



My research focuses on the population genetics of Boletus edulis, an edible species of wild mushroom. I'm also interested in geographic and taxonomic distributions and discrepancies of herbaria fungal collections. 


Key publications: 

Smith, N. E. C. 2020 Narrative Histories in Mycology and the Legacy of George Edward Massee (1845-1917) Archives of Natural History 47 (2) in press

Other publications: 

Smith, N. E. C. 2017 British larch-associated Basidiomycota: a review: Field Mycology 18 (3) pp: 98-103

Smith, N. E. C. 2018 Mycological Collections in Cambridgeshire: Nature in Cambridgeshire 60 pp: 20-28

Book Reviews:

Smith, N. E. C. 2019 Nicholas P. MONEY. Mushrooms: A Natural and Cultural History: Archives of Natural History 46 (1) pp: 172-173

Smith, N. E. C. 2019 Fungi Under The Microscope - a workshop reviewed: Field Mycology 20(3) pp: 83

Smith, N. E. C. 2019 Fungi in Polar Regions: Inoculum September 2019 


PhD Student

Contact Details

01223 (3)36677