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Tim Kasoar

Tim Kasoar

PhD Student

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building
Office Phone: (+44) 01223 33 66 70


I am a third-year PhD student looking at rewilding, with a particular interest in restoring wetland and floodplain habitats and natural flood dynamics. I am also interested in how rewilding could help support species more typically associated with agricultural landscapes (particularly "high nature value" farmland) as those species reliant on farmland are threatened by both agricultural intensification and abandoment.

Research Interests

Rewilding; Disturbance' Landscape-scale conservation; Human-wildlife conflict

Other Publications

Kasoar, T., zu Ermgassen, P.S.E., Carranza, A., Hancock, B. & Spalding, M. (2015). New opportunities for conservation of a threatened biogenic habitat: a worldwide assessment of knowledge on bivalve-reef representation in marine and coastal Ramsar Sites. Mar. Freshwater Res. 66, 981–988.
Lamb, A., Green, R., Bateman, I., Broadmeadow, M., Bruce, T., Burney, J., Carey, P., Chadwick, D., Crane, E., Field, R., Goulding, K., Griffiths, H., Hastings, A., Kasoar, T., Kindred, D., Phalan, B., Pickett, J., Smith, P., Wall, E., zu Ermgassen, E.K.H.J. & Balmford, A. (2016). The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Nature Clim. Change 6, 488–492.