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Department of Zoology


I am mainly interested on studies that aim the conservation of biodiversity using tools that employ ecological modeling and are based on spatial ecology. I have undergraduate and master in Biological Sciences and during my PhD I am dedicating my thesis on landscape-based approaches that aim to investigate the potential of forest regeneration and the impacts of climate and land cover changes on vertebrates’ distributions and population persistence. I have been also working on the identification of priority areas for conservation. My studies focus mainly on tropical forests but are not limited to any specific type of terrestrial environment.


Key publications: 


Tonetti, V; Niebuhr, B; Ribeiro, M; Pizo, MA. 2022. Forest regeneration may reduce the negative impacts of climate change on the biodiversity of a tropical hotspot. Diversity and Distributions.

Tonetti, V; Pizo, MA. 2016. Density and microhabitat preference of the Southern Bristle-Tyrant (Phylloscartes eximius): Conservation policy implications. Ornithological Applications.

Pizo, MA; Tonetti, V. 2020. Living in a fragmented world: Birds in the Atlantic Forest. Ornithological Applications.

Rodrigues, RC; Hasui, E; Assis, JC; Pena, JC; Muylaert, R; Tonetti, V; et al. 2019. ATLANTIC BIRD TRAITS: a dataset of bird morphological traits from the Atlantic forests of South America. Ecology.

Tonetti, V; Bocalini, F; Silveira, LF; Del-Rio, G. 2017. Taxonomy and molecular systematics of the Yellow-green Grosbeak Caryothraustes canadensis (Passeriformes: Cardinalidae). Ornithology Research.


Other publications: 


For a complete and updated list of publications please check my Google Scholar profile.