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Scientific Ethics Seminar Series

This course is designed to give research students the chance to confront and discuss ethical issues they will face as professional scientists. Such a course is felt to be necessary in view of the sensitivity of society to the perceived misbehaviour of scientists, the complex relationship between scientific issues and society and the increasing pressure on scientists in a competitive environment.

As this course is only offered every two years, research students are expected to attend in either Year 1 or Year 2. Students in later years who may have missed the previous course are also welcome to attend, as are interested post-docs. 

All sessions are from 5 to 6pm in the Part II Lecture Theatre and consist of an informal presentation (approx. 10 mins), setting out the issues and questions, after which the topic will be opened for discussion.


Lent Term 2017

5pm in the Part II Lecture Theatre

26 January - Professor Sir John Gurdon

“Cloning, Cell Replacement and Human Embryos.”

02 February - Dr Rosie Trevelyan

“The Ethics of Gender Equality: Implications for Women in Science.”


09 February - Dr Andrea Manica

"The Ethics of Publishing."

16 February - Professor Sir Patrick Bateson

“The Ethics of Using Animals in Research.”

23 February - Professor Derek Smith 

“The Ethics of Informing Public Policy.”

02 March - Professor Ronald Laskey, CBE

"Scientific Fraud and Whistle-Blowing."