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Updating Your Personal Page

It is important that everyone in the Department checks that the information about them in the ‘People’ Directory is correct, and as a new graduate student you should log-in and add your contact details, photograph and research interests. You may like to keep this page updated throughout your course, adding publications and refining your research interests as you go.

  1. Go to and log-in via the grey button on the top-right.
  2. Click on your name, where it appears on this page.

  3. Click on the Edit tab to amend your details.

    NOTE: Once you enter the “Edit” screen, be aware that any changes you make and then save will immediately replace the live version of the page

    Add a photograph of yourself, and then click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen to leave Edit mode, or to add your research interests, click “Next”. To go directly to the Professional Information or Contact Information screens, without changing your basic information, use the links at the top of the page.

  4. In the Professional Information screen there are various fields you might choose to populate: Biography, Web Sites, Collaborators, Research Interests, Key Publications, and Other Publications.

    At a minimum please add a statement of your research interests.

    Anyone who already has a personal web page in another Cambridge directory or on a group website, and doesn’t wish to duplicate information, might like to simply link to their other page, from within the ‘Research Interests’ field.

     Example text to use: “Please see my profile on the Example website for full information.”  


    To add a hyperlink
    to text in the Edit screen, highlight the words you want to link from, and then select the ‘Insert/Edit link’ icon. 

    In the External tab, enter the address of the page, and then click ‘OK’.


  5. Again click “Save” to leave Edit, or “Next” to move on to Contact Information.

    Please ensure your phone number and building/room are entered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Teaching and Graduate Office (Room S6) for help at any point!