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Undergraduate - Year 2

In the second year, the Animal Biology course is taught entirely by the Department of Zoology, and in addition Zoology contributes to three interdepartmental courses. Any of these Part IB courses are an excellent preparation for Part II Zoology. The diverse nature of the available courses continues to reflect the breadth of research interests in the Department of Zoology.

Komodo DragonSecond year students on the Natural Sciences Tripos take three courses from a choice of 19. The four that Zoology contributes to are:

Teaching in the second year is similar to the first year, but having started with a broad biological sciences base, students now begin to specialise in particular areas.

Ecology is unique in offering second year students the opportunity to undertake a practical project. This is very highly rated by students as being enjoyable, providing valuable experience in undertaking research, and excellent preparation for the third year, where the majority of students will undertake a research project. There is also a field course available in the summer vacation between the first and second years to students taking Ecology, and this can form the basis of the research project for those who attend (term-time project work is available to those who cannot attend).