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Undergraduate - Year 3

Carrots to Bitterns
Nature reclamation at Lakenheath Fen

In the third year of the Natural Sciences Tripos, students have the chance to specialise in an area of interest to them. The Part II Zoology course is taught mostly within the Department, with options to take shared or interdepartmental modules in the departments of Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant Sciences and PDN (Physiology, Neuroscience and Behaviour). Part II Zoology offers a great degree of flexibility, and students choose four modules from a selection of seventeen. This allows you the freedom to choose modules that complement each other and your interests, and to explore interdisciplinary links. Students undertake a research project throughout the year, giving practical experience of lab or field work. There is also the opportunity to participate in our exciting new tropical field course

Another option is to take Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Zoology). Students choosing this option take four Zoology modules, plus a fifth module from another department (or Conservation Science, within Zoology) as a minor subject. Instead of undertaking a research project, students write a dissertation, taking the form of a literature review.

The Department of Zoology also contributes to the Part II Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour course. This interdepartmental course combines modules from the departments of PDN, Psychology and Zoology for those who wish to study an interdisciplinary neurobiology course. From the Department of Zoology, the modules on offer are M4 Neuroethology: the neural basis of adaptive behaviour, and M5 Evolution and behaviour: genes and individuals. Further information is available here.