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2010 News

Thomas Endlein wins BBSRC photo competition

An image of a tiny ant carrying 100 times its own body weight - while hanging upside down from a glass-like surface – has scooped first prize in the inaugural Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) science photo competition.

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Does evolution always lead to bigger brains?

Homo floresiensis, a pygmy-sized small-brained hominin popularly known as 'the Hobbit' was discovered five years ago, but controversy continues over whether the small brain is actually due to a pathological condition. How can its tiny brain size be explained?

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800th Anniversary Finale

Several labs from our Department have contributed visually appealing images to the Transforming tomorrow: 800th Anniversary Finale light show which takes place this weekend.

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Cambridge Evolutionary Genetics Symposium

Leading researchers in the field of evolutionary and population genetics from the University of Cambridge and beyond met on 15th January for a special workshop.

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Report on pedigree dog breeding

Professor Sir Patrick Bateson was commissioned by the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club of Great Britain to produce a report on the breeding of pedigree dogs in this country.

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