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Research Groups

Aquatic Ecology Group

Baylis Group

The control of animal biology by calcium signalling

Behaviour and Evolution Group

Behavioural Ecology Group

Butterfly Genetics Group

Genomics, adaptation and speciation in the Lepidoptera

Centre for Pathogen Evolution

Research in antigenically variable pathogens and pathogen evolution

Conduit Lab

Understanding how microtubules are generated

Conservation Science Group

Drosophila Connectomics

Reconstruction of the circuits involved in olfactory learning and memory in the adult fly

Evolutionary Ecology Group

Evolutionary Genetics Group

GeoGenetics Group (Cambridge)

Gillis Lab

Development and evolution of the vertebrate skeleton


Insect Biomechanics Workgroup

Insect Ecology Group

Insect Neurobiology Group

Krude Lab

Regulation of chromosomal DNA replication in human cells. Mechanisms of non-coding Y RNA function.

Laboratory for Development and Evolution

Large Animal Research Group

Mammal Evolution and Morphology Group

Molecular Ecology Group

Neural Circuits: Design, Function and Evolution

Neural Network Development Group

Development of neural networks & reactive oxygen species signalling in the nervous system

Neurobiology of Acoustic Communication

The Neural Basis of Acoustic Communication

Palacios Lab

Understanding the genetic, cell biology and biophysics basis of cell polarity and cell fate in a multicellular organism.

Palaeozoic Vertebrate Research Group

Peter Lawrence Group

Radiating Butterflies

Skaer Lab

Weil Lab

Our research focuses on understanding the mechanisms coordinating transcriptional regulation at key transitions in cell fate in response to external signals or developmental cues.


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Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour