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Lab lunch schedule



Topic / Title


4 April CSG 'alt' lab lunch
  • Fangyuan Hua: will be practising a talk for the Zoology Seminar Day
  • Tom Worthington: will be demonstrating the ReMap app for creating land use classification maps
11 April Takehiro Kubo (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) Measuring ecosystem values and climate change: Applications of digital technologies
18 April Emma Garnett

Let them eat plants: how can cafeterias encourage more vegetarian sales and reduced meat consumption?

25 April Tom Finch Comparing land sparing and land sharing in the UK
2 May Yohay Carmel Myth in ecology
9 May CSG 'alt' lab lunch

Jonas Geldmann: Can 20 years of SCCS tell us anything about how conservation has changed?

Steffen Oppel, Senior Conservation Scientist, RSPB: Spatial scales of conservation management for breeding seabirds

16 May Hannah Wauchope

Making the most of large datasets: how can we use the increasing availability of comprehensive ecological data to make better decisions?

23 May

Yifu Wang                                                          

Piero Visconti

Title: Conservation in China, save pangolins from the market: what has been and should be done

Title: Making space for nature - integrating protected area expansion plans into future socio-economic scenarios

30 May Charlotte Payne Edible caterpillars in rural Burkina Faso
6 June CSG 'alt' lab lunch
  • Nick Littlewood: will give a presentation on the development of camera trapping for monitoring small mammals
  • Roberto Correa: is looking for feedback on his proposed formula for calculating return on investment for species conservation
  • Ellie Tew: will practice a talk for the upcoming ECCB conference: "Maximising ecosystem services delivery in modern forestry"
13 June Harriet Bartlett How do greenhouse gas emissions, antimicrobial use and animal welfare of UK and Chinese pig production vary with yield?
20 June Reza Azmi - WildAsia 

Are small holders in palm oil really a problem, or an opportunity to stimulate innovation in ecological production?

27 June Alec Christie Weighting the evidence for conservation intervention effectiveness based on reliability and relevance
4 July CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Marta Cimatti: visiting from Radboud University in the Netherlands, will talk about her research on drivers of large carnivore expansion in Europe
  • Lisanne Meulendijks: will talk about her just concluded fieldwork in Mexico
11 July Tatsuya Amano

What research on waterbirds tells us about conservation

18 July Sophia Cooke

Assessing the contribution of road traffic to declines in British bird populations

25 July Sören Lindner (Research Fellow at the EC JRC-IPTS Seville)

Future technology transformation in agriculture: FTT-Agri

5 Sep CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Amy Donnison
  • Emma Garnett
12 Sep Leah Gerber

(Founding Director, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Arizona State University)

Title: tba
19 Sep

Julie Zähringer (University of Bern) - UCCRI/Geog visitor

Title: tba
26 Sep Juliet Vickery Title: tba
3 Oct CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
17 Oct Sophia Cooke Topic: Galapagos NP
24 Oct