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5 Sep CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Tim Kasoar
  • Emma Garnett
12 Sep Leah Gerber

(Founding Director, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Arizona State University)

Casting biodiversity conservation as a budget allocation problem
19 Sep

Julie Zähringer (University of Bern) - UCCRI/Geog visitor

Telecoupled forest frontier landscapes in Laos, Myanmar, and Madagascar: co-producing knowledge for sustainable development.

26 Sep Juliet Vickery

Conservation of Afro Palearctic migrant birds – an impossible problem?

3 Oct CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Amy Donnison
  • Benno Simmons
17 Oct Leon Bennun Windpower and threatened vultures: assessing offset gains


24 Oct

Sophia Cooke


The introduced smooth-billed ani in Galápagos

31 Oct Emma Garnett, Imogen Cripps, Anya Doherty Three talks on different strategies for transitioning to a more sustainable diet:
Imogen Cripps: What are the environmental and monetary cost of different protein rich foods?
Anya Doherty: Meal-based strategies for cafeterias to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Emma Garnett: How can cafeterias increase vegetarian sales and reduce meat consumption?
7 Nov CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Benno Simmons
  • Ali Johnston & Phil Martin
14 Nov

Dan Rubenstein  (Professor of Zoology, Princeton University)

Zebra conservation and livestock management: How to reduce conflict and create wins for people and wildlife

21 Nov Doug MacFarlane

Reducing demand for unsupported health remedies: A new approach to behaviour change with lessons for the illegal wildlife trade

28 Nov Helena Alves Pinto Title: tba
5 Dec CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch
  • Lydia Collas
  • Sophia Cooke
12 Dec

Elisabeth Gsottbauer

ROOM 1.25

Title: tba
19 Dec James Allan, University of Queensland Title: tba



9 Jan

Mike Brooke Translocating Critically Endangered larks to a new island: good or bad idea?

16 Jan

Jelle Lever, Wageningen University & University of Zurich Critical transitions and the structure of ecological networks

23 Jan

Sagara (H S Sathya Chandra Sagar) Title: tba

30 Jan

Tatsuya Amano  My 8 years in Cambridge and my plans for Brisbane

6 Feb

CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch

13 Feb

Kendall Jones, WCS Title: tba

20 Feb

Tom Worthington Title: tba

27 Feb

Emma Garnett

Title: tba

6 Mar

CSG only - 'alt' lab lunch


13 Mar

Lizzy Green, UNEP-WCMC

Title: tba

20 Mar



27 Mar