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Lab lunch schedule



Topic / Title


10 January No lab lunch


17 January Alison Johnston Birds, citizen science, and conservation
24 January

Aleksi Lehikoinen

The advancing rate of spring migration phenology varies between phase of the migration prolonging the migration season

31 January Richard Bradbury, RSPB (CSG HRF)

A tour of Environmental Research at RSPB

7 February CSG 'alt' lab lunch
  • Andrew Balmford/Rhys Green: 
  • Benno Simmons: 
  • Nancy Ockendon: 

14 February

Lauranne Gateau The role of shade trees in traditional cocoa agroforests in Brazil
21 February Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares Indigenous storytelling in conservation contexts
28 February Caitlin Black From pixels to policy: Mining survey databases for morphometrics
7 March

CSG 'alt' lab lunch


  • Claire Wordley - tba: 
  • Imogen Cripps: 
  • tba: 
14 March Derek Murphy
  • Detecting social network structure with incomplete and biased data: a case study with male African elephants
21 March Helena Alves Pinto

Conservation in Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures: assessing biodiversity potential of area-based systems in Brazil

4 April CSG 'alt' lab lunch
  • Fangyuan Hua: will be practising a talk for the Zoology Seminar Day
  • Tom Worthington: will be demonstrating the ReMap app for creating land use classification maps
11 April Takehiro Kubo (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) Measuring ecosystem values and climate change: Applications of digital technologies
18 April Emma Garnett

Let them eat plants: how can cafeterias encourage more vegetarian sales and reduced meat consumption?

25 April Tom Finch Comparing land sparing and land sharing in the UK
2 May Yohay Carmel Myth in ecology
9 May
16 May
23 May