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Neurobiology, Biomechanics and Behaviour

Neurobiology and Biomechanics   themeWe seek to explain animal behaviour from the processing of sensory information to the generation of motor outputs. By selecting the appropriate animals and behaviour we aim to illuminate general principles of the neural and functional organisation underlying behaviour.

Our research is key to understanding how animals interact with each other and with their environment. Moreover, because selection acts on neural mechanisms, our research provides insight how animals evolved. Placing our studies in a behavioural and evolutionary framework is facilitated by easy interactions with our close colleagues who are cell, developmental and evolutionary biologists and behavioural ecologists.

Research Groups

Drosophila Connectomics

Reconstruction of the circuits involved in olfactory learning and memory in the adult fly

Drosophila Connectomics - Read More…

Neural Network Development Group

Development of neural networks & reactive oxygen species signalling in the nervous system

Neural Network Development Group - Read More…