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Department of Zoology


**UPDATED 27.7.20**

Course updates

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance, we have had to make some changes to the Part II Zoology programme in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give you the best possible academic experience in the circumstances. We will continue to monitor and respond to the changing public health situation. 

The changes/updates are: 

  • All lectures will be delivered online but we are intending to supplement these with regular Q&A sessions so you can interact with and ask questions of the lecturers. We are also exploring ways of enabling other teaching  sessions (such as class debates) to take place online
  • Research Projects will go ahead, allowing you to achieve the same learning outcomes as in previous years. We are hoping that despite the circumstances some projects may involve hands-on practical work, but they will all have a greater emphasis on use of existing data and inevitably less hands-on practical work than in previous years. The intention is that project presentations will take place remotely.
  • The Research Project Proposal element of the course will continue.
  • Supervisions will still be provided, although the format will be variable.
  • Full details of how the course will be run will be provided later in the summer via the course handbook and Moodle site. 

Please note that Part II Zoology contains a number of borrowed and shared modules from various Departments within the Natural Sciences, in order to offer the greatest variety for students. As such it’s possible that arrangements for borrowed modules may differ slightly from ‘home’ Zoology modules (for example, the way any Q&A sessions are coordinated), although we will endeavour to ensure that there is as much consistency as possible between them.

Note for BBS students: information specific to the BBS course (for example, dissertations) should be provided to you by the BBS administrators.

Department contacts

Part II students are treated as full members of the Department, which is unusually large and diverse, and there is a tradition of easy and informal access to members of the teaching staff and others. The friendliness of the Department is often one of the first things a student will mention about the course.

Professor Andrew Balmford is the current Part II Zoology and BBS Zoology course organiser and is available to give you advice and information on any aspect of the course, and to deal with any day-to-day problems that may arise during the year. You should feel free to contact him as your first port of call when you have any questions or difficulties connected with the Zoology course.

George Rutherford organises many practical aspects of the course, and is always willing to discuss issues with Part II students. You can contact her via the Teaching Office at

 is the librarian and can help with any matters related to the library or online access to journals/books.