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List of available projects

**This page will continue to be updated over the next few weeks so please do check back**


For further information about any of these projects you should contact the supervisor.  Please note: applicants are welcome to approach supervisors with their own ideas - the list below is not exclusive, and does not include all of our supervisors (please visit our Research Pages for more information).

    Projects on offer

    Defining the blueprint of the ancestral vertebrate brain (Elia Benito-Gutierrez)

    Microtubule organisation in Drosophila (Paul Conduit)

    Evolution of anatomical plasticity in squamate reptiles (Jason Head)

    Neuromodulation of cricket phonotactic behaviour (Berthold Hedwig)

    Biodiversity and genetic impacts of low impact logging in Peru (Chris Jiggins)

    Genetics of polymorphism in the wood tiger moth (Chris Jiggins)

    The smell of speciation-chemical signalling in butterfly diversification (Chris Jiggins)

    Understanding the Heliconius-Passiflora cyanogen arms race (Chris Jiggins)

    Epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms mediating neuronal plasticity (Matthias Landgraf)

    Motor network connectivity – wiring motifs and function (Matthias Landgraf)

    Regulation of dendritic and synaptic growth by metabolic reactive oxygen species (Matthias Landgraf)

    Critical period and network tuning (Matthias Landgraf)

    Neuron-glia interactions during development and repair (Matthias Landgraf)

    The ancient past of Africa: reconstructing paleobiomes over the last 800k years (Andrea Manica)

    Co-evolution of colour vision and coloration in colourful songbirds (Nick Mundy)

    Evolution of red carotenoid coloration in birds (Nick Mundy)

    Mechanisms of sexual dimorphism in avian coloration (Nick Mundy) 

    Microevolution and development of a sexual dimorphic pigment pattern in cichild fishes (Emilia Santos)

    Evolution of regulatory elements in lake Malawi cichlid fishes (Emilia Santos)

    Predicting the evolution of influenza (Derek Smith)

    New methods for cost-effective conservation decision making (William Sutherland, Silviu Petrovan)

    The effects of logging and forest disturbance on tropical river ecosystems (Edgar Turner, David Aldridge, Sarah Luke)

    The role of habitat heterogeneity and reserve management in buffering butterfly species from the impacts of future climate change (Edgar Turner, Andrew Bladon)

    Elucidating the mechanism of the first round of mRNA translation (Tim Weil)

    Establishing the mechanism of the calcium wave at egg activation (Tim Weil)

    Testing the function of calcium in programmed cell death (Tim Weil) 

    BBSRC DTP funded Targeted Studentship: Elucidating the organisation and function of macromolecular complexes in vivo (Tim Weil) 

    Neural circuit mechanisms of memory-based decision-making (Marta Zlatic)