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The yield gap in oil palm production and its implications for global biodiversity conservation

The impact of management to restore river margins in tropical agricultural landscapes on ant communities

Supervisors: Dr Edgar Turner and Prof. Andrew Balmford

Project summary:

Working closely with industry partners in Southeast Asia, this project will examine how the marked variation observed in production per unit area of oil palm impacts within-plantation biodiversity, and will investigate agronomic and other reasons behind these yield differences. The results will have important implications for tropical landscape design and management for both biodiversity conservation and commodity production. 


What the student will be doing:

The student will work with oil palm plantations to access data on agronomic factors and palm oil yield, as well as carrying out targeted biodiversity surveys in estates in Riau, Indonesia



Phalan et al. (2014) Closing yield gaps: perils and possibilities for biodiversity conservation. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 369(1639).



This project is eligible for the Claire Barnes Studentship