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List of studentships

For further information about any of these studentships you should contact the supervisor. Details on how to apply can be 

Doctoral Training Programmes


Microtubule organisation in Drosophila (Paul Conduit)

Defining the blueprint of the ancestral vertebrate brain (Elia Benito-Gutierrez)

Evolution of anatomical plasticity in squamate reptiles (Jason Head)

Antennal Interneurons: Activity, Active Sensing and Impact on Walking (Berthold Hedwig)

Calcium Imaging of Auditory Organ Activity in Insects (Berthold Hedwig)

Behavioral Studies of Cricket Phonotaxis (Berthold Hedwig)

Dissecting the evolution of bright wing patterns in tropical butterflies (Chris Jiggins)

The genetic basis for wing pattern variation in African diadem butterflies (Chris Jiggins & Richard

The sexy smells of tropical butterflies: Genetics of pheromones and female choice (Chris Jiggins)

A critical period shapes motor network development & function (Matthias Landgraf)

Developmental logic of neurotransmitter specification (Matthias Landgraf)

Epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms mediating neuronal plasticity (Matthias Landgraf)

Motor network connectivity – wiring motifs and function (Matthias Landgraf)

Regulation of dendritic and synaptic growth by metabolic reactive oxygen species (Matthias Landgraf)

Brain and behavioural adaptations to high altitude environment (Stephen Montgomery)

Brain evolution in vertebrates (Stephen Montgomery)

Sensory adaptations in mimetic butterflies (Stephen Montgomery)

The convergent evolution of social caterpillars (Stephen Montgomery)

Developmental basis of mushroom body expansion in Heliconius butterflies (Stephen Montgomery) 

Co-evolution of colour vision and coloration in colourful songbirds (Nick Mundy)

Evolution of red carotenoid coloration in birds (Nick Mundy)

Evolution of Influenza Viruses (Derek Smith)

The effects of logging and forest disturbance on tropical river ecosystems (Edgar Turner, David Aldridge, Sarah Luke)

The impact of management to restore river margins in tropical agricultural landscapes on ant communities (Edgar Turner)

The yield gap in oil palm production and its implications for global biodiversity conservation (Edgar Turner, Andrew Balmford)

What is the effect of management to enhance forest restoration on invertebrate communities? (Edgar Turner, Andrew Hector)

Elucidating the mechanism of the first round of mRNA translation (Tim Weil)

Establishing the mechanism of the calcium wave at egg activation (Tim Weil)

Testing the function of calcium in programmed cell death (Tim Weil) 

Neural circuit mechanisms of memory-based decision-making (Marta Zlatic)