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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Cambridge Earth System Science DTP

The University of Cambridge is offering more than fifteen 3.5-year NERC funded studentships starting in October 2017. Several people in the Department of Zoology are members of the Biology Theme, and can therefore supervise a student funded via this programme. Specific projects are listed below, but you may also propose your own project. Full information on how to apply, and the projects available, can be found on the Cambridge Earth System Science DTP website.

Those who have applied to the BBSRC DTP and/or the Wellcome Trust 4-Year Programme can also be considered for the NERC DTP (without the need for a separate application to Zoology) provided that your potential supervisor is based in the Department of Zoology. You will need to inform the Graduate Administration team by 4th January 2017 that this is the case, and that you wish to be considered for one of our NERC projects.

2018-19 projects with supervisors in Zoology listed below:

B402: The genetic basis for wing pattern variation in African diadem butterflies (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology)

B406: The effects of logging and forest disturbance on tropical river ecosystems (Lead Supervisor: Edgar Turner, Zoology)

B410: Innovation and improvement in conservation practice (Lead Supervisor: William Sutherland, Zoology)

B412: Co-evolution of colour vision and coloration in colourful songbirds (Lead Supervisor: Nick Mundy, Zoology)

B413: Evolution of red carotenoid coloration in birds (Lead Supervisor: Nick Mundy, Zoology)

B414: Brain and behavioural adaptations to high altitude environments in butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Stephen Montgomery, Zoology)

B415: Sensory adaptations in mimetic butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Stephen Montgomery, Zoology)

B416: Avian brood parasitism as a model system for studying maternal effects in host populations (Lead Supervisor: Andrea Manica, Zoology)

B417: Range expansions and local adaptaion in sharks and rays (Lead Supervisor: Andrea Manica, Zoology)

B423: The sexy smells of tropical butterflies: Genetics of pheromones and female choice (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology)

B424: Understanding the remarkable diversity of wing patterns in tropical butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology)

B430: How do specialist caterpillars cope with stiff and sharp plant trichomes? (Lead Supervisor: Walter Federle, Zoology)

B431: Silk-based attachment of caterpillars on plant surfaces: biomechanics, and cost-benefit analysis of silk production (Lead Supervisor: Walter Federle, Zoology)

B442: Enemy release and parasitism in invasive and native bivalves (Lead Supervisor: David Aldridge, Zoology)