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NST 1B Animal Biology

Animal Biology is characterised by diversity: that of animals themselves, and of the ways in which they are studied. The course comprises five half-term sections: Behaviour and Ecology, Brains and Behaviour, Insect Biology, Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology and Evolutionary Principles. Whilst it may be an advantage to have taken Part IA Evolution and Behaviour, it is not necessary to have taken this or any other particular first year course.

DogfishPractical work consists of experiments, observation of specimens and dissections. Films, computer simulations, seminars and Museum tours are included as appropriate. Students receive instruction in the written presentation of their practical work.

Lectures: take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am

Practicals: take place every other week on either Wednesday or Thursday 12-5pm

Course Co-ordinator: Prof Nick Davies

Course Website: see links to pages on left

The course timetable can be seen here