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Compatibility with other courses

Animal Biology can usefully be combined with many other Part IB courses. It is a good companion course to Plant and Microbial Sciences, and provides a 'whole animal' perspective complementary to those of Cell and Developmental Biology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Some examples (by no means exhaustive) of how Animal Biology can relate to other Part IB courses are as follows:

  • All sections of the course contain material relevant to Ecology.
  • Topics in the Behaviour and Ecology and Brains and Behaviour sections are likely to be of particular interest to students also taking Experimental Psychology.
  • Much of Animal Biology has an evolutionary theme. Parts of the Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology section relate well to topics in Earth Sciences A.
  • The sections Brains and Behaviour, Insect Biology and Evolutionary Principles discuss material relevant to Physiology.
  • Behaviour and Ecology, Brains and Behaviour, Insect Biology and Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology complement topics in Neurobiology.

Previous experience

Whilst it may be an advantage to have taken Part IA Evolution and Behavior, it is not necessary to have taken this or any other particular first year course. Interested students who have no experience of biological courses in Part IA are advised to look at the course website (see left) for further information and/or to consult their Director of Studies. Part IB Animal Biology relates well to other IB courses like Ecology, Experimental Psychology, Earth Sciences A, Physiology or Neurobiology; however, it is not necessary to take any particular accompanying courses.