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Reading list

Suggested background reading


Carroll, S.B. (2007) Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The new science of evo devo and the making of the animal kingdom. Phoenix: paperback.

Coyne, J. (2009) Why Evolution is True.  Oxford University Press.

Davies, N. (2016) Cuckoo: Cheating by Nature. Bloomsbury (paperback).

Shubin, N. (2008) Your Inner Fish. London: Penguin.

Wilkinson, M. (2016) Restless Creatures: The story of life in ten movements. Icon books (paperback).


Some of the references used during the course


Behaviour and Ecology

Davies, N.B., Krebs, J.R. & West, S.A. (2012).  An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology.  4th edition.  Wiley-Blackwell.

Manning, A. & Dawkins, M. S. (2012) An Introduction to Animal Behaviour, 6th Edition. Cambridge University Press.


Brains and Behaviour

Carew TJ (2000). Behavioural Neurobiology, Sunderland.

Simmons, P.J. & Young, D. (2010). Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour, 3rd edition. Cambridge University Press



Insect Biology

Eisner T. (2003) For Love of Insects. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

Gullan, P.J. & Cranston, P.S. (2014) The Insects. An Outline of Entomology, 5th edition. WILEY Blackwell. 


Vertebrate Evolutionary Biology

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Liem, K.F., Bemis, W., Walker, W.F. & Grande, L. (2001). Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates. 3rd edition Harcourt College Publishers. 



Evolutionary Principles

Zimmer, C.  & Emlen, D. J. (2013), Evolution. Making sense of life, Roberts & Co.

Avise, J. C. (2006), Evolutionary pathways in nature. Cambridge University Press.