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NST II Zoology: Cells to Ecosystems

Why should you choose Part II Zoology or Part II BBS Zoology?


If you have enjoyed subjects that include animal behaviour, conservation science, ecology and evolution during your time at Cambridge, then you might well have already decided that Zoology is the Part II subject for you. But we also provide outstanding teaching in cell and developmental biology and each year we attract students that specialise in these subjects alone, and go on to study for a higher degree in these research areas. Our uniquely flexible course is also ideal for NST students that enjoy both cellular and organismal biology, because you can take any combination of our diverse modules.


If you are taking the MVST, then we can enhance your training in several ways, by:

  • showing you how healthy bodies develop and function;
  • teaching you more about the processes that trigger cancer;
  • explaining how evolutionary principles underpin the design of a new flu vaccine, and account for constraints on immune function;
  • revealing consistent patterns in animal form through comparative anatomy; and
  • highlighting how rapid man-made changes in our world have substantial implications for human and animal health.

We will provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for your Part II studies. Part II students are welcomed as valued members of the Department, have their own dedicated computer facility, are invited to research seminars, and can join members of staff in the tea room and at our Happy Hour. We want you to excel in your third year at Cambridge, so we provide additional training in understanding the scientific process, essay-writing, reading a research paper, preparing a research project or dissertation, and giving a research talk. We also prepare you for the future with a careers session and advice on applying for postgraduate study.


Course Organiser: Professor Rebecca Kilner

Course website: see links to pages on left

Timetable can be seen here