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Aims and learning outcomes


  • To show how the form, function and behaviour of animals become adapted to the environment through evolution.
  • To elucidate general biological principles through the study of specialised or experimentally tractable systems.
  • To prepare students for Part II courses that require knowledge of animal biology at the systems and organismal levels.
  • To develop students’ practical scientific skills.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be

  • able to appreciate the complexities of biological organisation and address scientifically controversial issues in a rational way.
  • able to interpret material in terms of biological function and the effect of natural selection.
  • able to analyse and report on material learned.
  • able to assess the scope of animal biology and select particular areas for further study.
  • aware of the breadth of studies on the biology of animals as they relate to the evolution, function, behaviour and ecology of animals.
  • able to integrate related topics from separate parts of the course.