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BeetleThe course is made up of:

Lecture modules in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. Students do two modules each term, but are free to attend lectures in any modules.

Project work. Students do practical research projects that are related to the modules they are taking. Project work can be started in the long vacation and extends over Michaelmas and Lent terms. At the beginning of Easter term, students give a compulsory oral presentation of one of their projects. Certain modules on evolutionary biology (M1 and L1) have assessed practicals that can be taken in place of one short project.

Research Paper Review. Students write a short review on a scientific paper related to their interests in Michaelmas Term.

Statistics course in Michaelmas Term. This course is designed to familiarise students with quantitative methods and computing and is not examined.

Long vacation field course

The field course on the north Norfolk coast provides a superb opportunity for training in experimental design and analysis of behavioural and ecological data. Most students attending the course use their research to form the basis of a short research project.

Special seminars

In addition to these formal parts of the course, there are a number of Special seminars on a range of topics such as careers advice and how to give a research presentation. 


Candidates submit two pieces of course-work comprising one research paper review and project work, the latter being either a single long, two-term project or two short one-term projects. Students take four written 3 hour examination papers, one per module. On each of these four papers candidates answer 3 questions from a choice of six.

How to apply

Details on how to apply will be made available in Lent Term.