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NST 1B Cell and Developmental Biology

cdbCell and Developmental Biology is a second year course which builds on the knowledge of elementary cell biology provided by the first year Biology of Cells course. The course introduces some of the major ideas and current experimental approaches to cell and developmental biology, and in the process will illustrate how molecular approaches complement classical cell biology in finding out the details of how cells carry out their basic processes. The course aims to consolidate and extend basic knowledge of how cells work, how they interact and how they differentiate. It will provide a framework for further specialised study of molecular, cellular and developmental biology in the third year. Cell and developmental biology are advancing rapidly and the course will illustrate the excitement of these advances.

The course is interdepartmental and is taught by Plant Sciences, Genetics, Zoology and Biochemistry. It can be taken in combination with any other subject in Part IB of the Natural Sciences Tripos, except Material Science and Metallurgy with which it clashes in the Lecture Timetable.

Lectures: take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am

Practicals: take place on either Tuesday or Friday

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Cahir O'Kane (

Course Website:

The course timetable can be seen here