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Dr Jenny York

Dr Jenny York
Office Phone: 01223 (3)34430


2015-2018 NERC-funded Associate Research Fellow, University of Cambridge (Principal investigator: Prof. Nick Davies)

2012-2014 BBSRC-funded Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter (Principal investigator: Dr Andrew Young)

2008-2012 University of Bristol Post-graduate Scholarship (Ph.D supervisors: Dr Andrew Radford, University of Bristol, and Dr Andrew Young, University of Exeter) 

2007-2008 BBSRC-funded Research Assistant, University of Bristol (Principal investigator: Prof. Richard Tinsley)

2004-2007 B.Sc (Hons) Zoology (First Class), University of Bristol

Research Interests


Please see my personal webpages for more information

Key Publications

JE York and NB Davies, 2017. Female cuckoo calls misdirect host defences towards the wrong enemy. Nature Ecology and Evolutiondoi:10.1038/549006a. 

JE York, AN Radford, B de Vries, TG Groothuis, AJ Young. 2016. Dominance-related seasonal song production is unrelated to circulating testosterone in a subtropical songbird. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 233: 43-52.

LA Walker, JE York, and AJ Young. 2016. Sexually selected sentinels? Evidence of a role for intrasexual competition in sentinel behavior. Behavioural Ecology. doi: 10.1093/beheco/arw064

JE York, AN Radford, AG Groothuis, and AJ Young. 2016. Dominant male song performance reflects current immune state in a cooperatively breeding songbird. Ecology and Evolution. doi:10.1002/ece3.1938

DL Cram, JD Blount, JE York, and AJ Young. 2015. Immune response in a wild bird is predicted by oxidative status, but does not cause oxidative stress. PLOS ONE, 10: e0122421.

XA Harrison, JE York, and AJ Young. 2014. Population genetic structure and direct observations reveal sex‐reversed patterns of dispersal in a cooperative bird. Molecular Ecology 23 (23): 5740-5755

JE York, AJ Young, and AN Radford. 2014. Singing in the moonlight: dawn song performance of a diurnal bird varies with lunar phase. Biology Letters 10 (1): 1-4.

XA Harrison, JE York, DL Cram, and AJ Young. 2013. Extra‐group mating increases inbreeding risk in a cooperatively breeding bird. Molecular Ecology 22 (22): 5700-5715.

XA Harrison, JE York, DL Cram, MC Hares, and AJ Young. 2013. Complete reproductive skew within white-browed sparrow weaver groups despite outbreeding opportunities for subordinates of both sexes. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67 (12): 1915-1929.

RC Tinsley, LC Stott, JE York, ALE Everard, SJ Chapple, J Jackson, M Viney, and MC Tinsley. 2012. Acquired immunity protects against helminth infection in a natural host population: long-term field and laboratory evidence. International Journal for Parasitology 42 (10): 931-938.

RC Tinsley, JE York, LC Stott, ALE Everard, SJ Chapple, and MC Tinsley. 2011. Environmental constraints influencing survival of an African parasite in a north temperate habitat: effects of temperature on development within the host. Parasitology, 138: 1039-1052.

RC Tinsley, JE York, ALE Everard, LC Stott, SJ Chapple, and MC Tinsley. 2011. Environmental constraints influencing survival of an African parasite in a north temperate habitat: effects of temperature on egg development. Parasitology, 138: 1029-1038.